Mrs. Lion’s spanking skill has improved significantly in just the last year. (Left 2020, Right 2021)

Mrs. Lion gave me a very intense oral orgasm last night. It was eight days after my last one. This is in the sweet spot we discussed In the past (7-10 days), but twice as long as the four days she announced in recent posts. Life got in the way, I guess. It doesn’t matter. I’m very happy with how things turned out. We also discussed hair removal before she waxed me on Saturday. I let her know that if she preferred furry legs, I was fine with them too. She left the front of my legs unwaxed and removed all of the hair north of my mid-thighs.

Thanksgiving weekend has been very nice so far. We’ve snoozed in the afternoons and had delicious dinners. Saturday night was spaghetti and vodka sauce. We wanted Chinese food, but our local restaurant was closed for the holiday. Assimilation! Humph! We’ll pick up Chinese food next week after the long holiday weekend.

Mrs. Lion has been doing very well in learning new skills. She’s become an efficient and neat waxer. I didn’t have to scrape any wax off of my body in the shower. Her spanking skill is fearsome. No part of my posterior is safe from her paddles. More importantly, she is confident in her prowess. My feedback is no longer desired. She has me yelping from start to finish. I’m not looking forward to my next spanking. When I think back to those first barely-felt lovetaps, I realize I created a monster. I’m proud of her achievement.

Our dog is calming down. More correctly, we are calming down and handling her more professionally. Dog training has nothing to do with the dog. It’s training the handlers to properly correct and train their pups. Come to think of it, the same is true of lion training. As Mrs. Lion grows in her disciplinary skills, my behavior improves. Consistent, unemotional correction is the key. From my perspective, the more consistent Mrs. Lion is with me, the more secure and happy I am.

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