This is what I look like if unwaxed for months. I think the sparse hair looks way worse than when I’m smooth.

I’m writing this on Saturday. Mrs. Lion waxed my back side on black Friday. Appropriate. Her motive was to give my rear end time to heal from the waxing so that she could beat it this weekend. I agree that it’s time. I don’t know when I interrupted her, but I’ve done it at least twice, according to a recent post. She admitted that she didn’t snarl or growl at the time. Of course, that doesn’t disqualify me for a spanking. Also, it’s been 19 days, way long enough for me to forget how much I hate being paddled.

Mrs. Lion says that she plans to wax my front side today. That’s a lot more fun. She likes to spend extra time using oil on my penis. I love those Brazilians!

Mrs. Lion is all set up to work from home. We installed a KVM switch (Keyboard Video Mouse) to switch between her home PC and her work computer. Her office insists that she use her company PC for work. Since they don’t have an IT department, there is nothing special about her work machine. I set up her personal computer with more security than she has in her office box. Oh well. It’s a small price to pay to get her home with me.

Mrs. Lion says she isn’t fond of a hairless lion. I get it. She likes my legs furry. It’s too late now since the back side of them is hairless. I won’t ask her to wax them again. I don’t mind hair there. I like to lose my chest hair. It’s sparse at best. I think I look better bare-chested. I think most men do. I can’t imagine having a hairy crotch. Well, I can’t. Only a small amount of hair grows down there. I look much better without it.

I think it’s time to limit hair removal. I’m fine with Mrs. Lion deciding where I should or shouldn’t have fur. It’s up to her from now on.

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