The Show Must Go On

I didn’t feel like spanking Lion last night. I’m pretty sure he didn’t feel like being spanked. Rather than let it slide, I decided the show must go on. I brought the spanking bench in and got it all set up. Lion didn’t take the hint. I had to invite him to get in position. While he has automatically gotten into place in the past, I haven’t made it a requirement. As long as he does it when he’s told to, I won’t add any time.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to tell how hard I’m hitting. I may think I’m starting slow, but Lion yelps at every blow. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean I’m hitting particularly hard. Maybe Lion is just in a more sensitive mood. I can’t judge things by when he starts to bleed, either. Certain paddles summon the blood, while others don’t. If I’m using a paddle that normally doesn’t produce blood, but blood comes, does that mean I’m being meaner, or is Lion’s hide in a more sensitive mood?

Last night I didn’t think I was hitting particularly hard in the beginning, nor do I think I was using the blood-producing paddles. Nevertheless, he was bleeding before the five-minute mark. It looked like a bruise was forming on his left cheek. Another might have been developing on the right. Then I lost sight of both because of the blood I was transferring with each swat.

I told him he was bleeding all over my paddles. The only solution he offered was to stop hitting him. What a silly idea! However, I did decide to stop. If those bruises were forming, I’d done my job. He should feel them when he sits today. I wiped the blood from his buns and put the towel on the bed, so he didn’t bleed on the sheets. He wasn’t bleeding profusely. It was just a trickle, but it was enough to make a mess. Just before bed, he said his butt hurt. Nice.

Last week sometime, Lion said I should be a little more vocal when I swat him. This is from a man who barely makes a sound during sex. Oh well. I must have taken what he said to heart because I found myself talking to him as I delivered the blows. I didn’t do it consciously. I guess it just made sense to do it last night. I can’t guarantee I’ll do it next time or any time after. Maybe it will keep happening automatically. Is this the first step to automatically catching him for annoying me? Am I a driverless car? Sweet!

[Lion — The “talking” I hoped Mrs. Lion would do was to tell me why I was being punished. I don’t usually get that right.]


  1. You use paddles that you know will draw blood? God that is mean.

  2. Probably he doesn’t need to understand why. If Lion is punished, then there is something for it.

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