We’ve self-organized in terms of blogging. Mrs. Lion reports the news, and I write other stuff. The question for me is always: What is other stuff? Over the years, I’ve managed to find things to say. The one topic I figured would draw the least attention is hair removal. Yet, it seems to be consistently interesting to many readers. It makes sense. Playing with pubic hair is titillating in the same way as locking the penis in a male chastity device.

Me in my normal, no-hair state.

The similarity is clear. Removing pubic hair isn’t usually permanent, yet once done, it is not reversible for the time it takes for the hair to grow back. This is the same as being locked in a male chastity device. You can get out, just not right away. Both hair removal and wearing a male chastity device are instantly visible to anyone who has access to the penis. More importantly, both send interesting messages.

Years ago, a man with no pubic hair was either prepped for surgery or assumed to be gay. Straight men had hair on their balls. That was never really true. A lot of straight men had no pubic hair. I haven’t had any in 30 years. The times have caught up with me. Now, many men have hairless pubes. The same is true of women. It was never more than potentially embarrassing for a woman to be hairless down there. It’s a personal choice rather than a sexual signal.

I think the topic is so interesting to our readers because pubic hair removal is an act of vulnerability. It feels naughty and a little submissive to be hairless. At least that’s how it feels to me. It’s fun. At this point, I don’t remember what I looked like with pubic hair. Most of mine is permanently gone, thanks to professional laser treatment. Some stubbornly remain. Mrs. Lion waxes that off.

Obviously, there is more to pubic hair removal than just taking the fur off. It seems that a lot of people react strongly to this topic. How does it affect you?

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  1. I keep husband shaved down there or I use a depillatory cream that’s safe for that part of him. If you’re going to use that stuff, test a slight dab on a small part of him down there. If it gets irritated, DON’T USE IT. Do something else. Fortunately, it doesn’t irritate husband.

    One big advantage is that pubic hair doesn’t get caught in a chastity device and pull on him. We use a CB-6000 with an anti-pullout device. It works for us. Early on, his pubic hair was getting caught in it and pulling on him. It took a lot of fuss to get the cage on him. It’s a lot easier without pubic hairs to get caught.

    I’m pretty hairy down there, but it’s my privilege to keep it. He looks better in lingerie without all that hair down there.

    1. Author

      We tried the depilatory. It was irritating to me. Mrs. Lion seems to be neutral on the subject of pubic hair for me. However, when that little patch above my penis gets long enough to tickle her nose, she waxes me. She has her full bush.

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