Every Guy’s Nightmare

We talked a little bit yesterday about what I wanted Lion to do rather than just lay there. The problem is, I don’t know. He said he’s sort of stuck in position by the bed. Our Sleep Number bed isn’t as bad as sinking into a memory foam mattress, which left us feeling like turtles stuck on our backs, but it tends to keep you in place. I’m not even sure I was thinking about him moving anywhere. I think it was more of an attention thing. With the TV on (not muted, not paused), I guess I felt like he was distracted. That’s one reason I hate spending so much time in bed. We’re just always there. I feel like I’m competing for TV time and whatever else is going on. I also wonder if Lion would be snoozing so much if we watched TV in the living room.

Regardless of that, I moved over to snuggle and started playing with my weenie. He was responding, but he wasn’t getting quite as hard as I would have liked. When I sat up to play with him, I really didn’t want to use my hand. We’ve been experimenting to see if I can still edge him with my hand. In the back of my mind, I thought it was the best of both worlds. If I can give him an orgasm by hand, I have the option of keeping it for myself or making Lion eat it. He hates it, so obviously, it’s something I do from time to time. However, I miss sucking him. I shared that with Lion, and he graciously suggested I should do it. What a guy! I mean, what a nightmare having a woman suck your cock.

I managed to edge him at least three times. He was very close for two of them. Then he sort of lost it. I think it still felt good, but he wasn’t as hard. Unwilling to give up on him, I kept going. I thought maybe I could revive him. He doesn’t always stop. Sometimes I’ve just let him come down too much, and more sucking gets him hard again. Not this time. I asked if he was broken. He said he wasn’t, but we weren’t getting anywhere. Then my arm started to fall asleep. You know, once that happens, it’s very hard to get that tingling to stop. But I had to.

I don’t know how long it has been since I edged Lion. I don’t even know how long it’s been since I sucked him. I think I’ll continue to prime the pump with my hand and follow up with my mouth. It seems to work best for both of us.

[Lion — I’m sure I will regret this comment. If Mrs. Lion wants to feed me semen and she is using her mouth, she can kiss it to me after I have come.]


  1. Have him take some penis pills!!!

    1. That’s not the solution. BTW, I do.

  2. Yes! Take it into your mouth, then give him a nice big French kiss pushing his semen into his mouth with your tongue. Very intimate. Very fun. They struggle like a girl on her first date as you hold his head for his nice long kiss.

  3. In my opinion, with such comments, the Lion just wants to set some scenario for the development of events.

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