Failure to Edge

Thia ia Lion’s new vibrator. Our first try wasn’t totally successful. We will try again. (Click image to go to the site where he bought it.)

As you’ve probably read in Lion’s post this morning, he wants more communication. Face to face communication. Well, I assume that also includes our emails back and forth during work days. And I also assume he does actually want more face to face communication. He doesn’t like solely hearing my thoughts through posts. Fair enough. He can hear some of them through my paddle. (*evil grin*)

When I brought out the paddle last night he was halfway rolled over before I could even tell him to roll over. On the one hand, it’s good training. On the other, I thought he wanted me to tell him to do things. Either way, it’s fine. Before I started swinging for the fences, I told him he was getting whomped because he’d spilled so many things on his shirts. (He did remember to remind me it was punishment day yesterday.) He was yelping almost right off the bat. I don’t think I was hitting any harder than usual. He may feel differently about that.

I guess it was about halfway through when I reported that his cheeks were very rosy. I’m sure he knew that. He started wiggling and I warned him to stop. Near the end, when I give him the harder slow swats, he rolled away and told me I was done. Excuse me? I asked him if he thought I was done. He said yes. I asked him if I thought I was done. He didn’t know. I might have been done because he’d gotten ten slow swats on each cheek. But then he rolled away. I couldn’t possibly be done just because he thought I was. No way. He got a few more swats for rolling away.

Maybe a half hour later, I asked how his butt was. He said it was fine. I’ll be sure to ask him the same question tonight after a similar whomping. Maybe his answer will change.

About a week ago, Lion asked me about a vibrator. It attaches to his cock with a silicone strap and has several settings. He tried it the other day and said one of the settings was a winner. Last night I decided to see if it had what it takes to get a Lion to the edge or even over the edge. We started early enough in the evening so I thought we had a shot at a good outcome. However, after 30-45 minutes, there was no edge in sight. He’d adjusted the settings several times. I tickled his balls until he told me it was distracting. We gave it a good try. No go.

I’m not abandoning the idea yet. Lion’s been stuck for a few days. It’s not fair to jettison the vibrator after one try. Perhaps when he’s in a non-stuck mood, it will work. We always give things more than one shot before deciding it won’t work ever. We may not try it again tonight, but we will try it again in a few days.

I’ll be interested to see what effect more punishment swats will have on Lion’s being stuck. Is it enough to snap him out of it? Is he mostly upset about our lack of communication and correcting that will help? Time will tell.

What do you think?