A Vigorous Spanking

It was inevitable. Mrs. Lion finally got around to my “just because” spanking. I was not looking forward to it. I guess we have arrived at the DWC level of spanking. It wasn’t just how much the spanking hurt. It was painful from beginning to end. It was Mrs. Lion’s approach. She went to work with purpose. I had no doubt that she meant business. Midway through the spanking, she commented (to herself, I think) that she bruised me. It didn’t slow her down. It was like a craftsman commenting on a particularly good bit of work.

She didn’t ask me for a review. I was just the clay she used for her sculpture. My only role was to expose my bottom on the spanking bench. Apparently, there was some blood. Again, without saying a word, she applied antiseptic cream when she was done. Then she went into the bathroom to clean off her tools. When we returned to our bed, I suggested that two spankings a week might be too many. Mrs. Lion didn’t comment. I don’t think she will change her schedule anytime soon. In the DWC tradition, regular spankings encourage good behavior.

I can’t argue with that. I am very aware of what I need to do. The coffee pot is always ready for the next morning. It’s top-of-mind for me. Before we started the “just because” spankings, I remembered to set it up if I followed my normal morning routine. That’s why I missed on weekends. My normal routine was disrupted. Now, I think about setting it up on weekends as well. I don’t want an extra spanking or an extension of one of the scheduled ones.

Things have changed a lot. Mrs. Lion seems to approach spanking as a skill she enjoys perfecting. Apparently, she measures success by observing how evenly red she makes my bottom. I think she gives herself extra points for bruises I will feel when I sit. She seems to get satisfaction from my yelps. She has embraced her role.

Mrs. Lion has been spending some time spanking the inside of my crack and my perineum. The latter hurts horribly when she gives it her attention. She is still perfecting her technique there. So far, I don’t feel any aftereffects in that area. The goal, I imagine, is to give me a lasting burn made worse when my cheeks clench. I have no doubt she will succeed. Practice makes perfect with Mrs. Lion.

She gets significant benefits by spanking me regularly. She can perfect her technique. I am much more aware of my behavior. There is one reason she might want to continue her twice-weekly schedule: inevitability. I’m learning that there is no escape. If she is willing to spank me every  Monday and Thursday, she’s certainly going to have no problem reacting to any behavioral issue I might have. Consistency is the key to effective discipline.

There’s one more factor: I am acutely aware of how much more a spanking hurts if it’s delivered soon after another one. A spanking on Friday after enduring one on Thursday will be much worse. I’ve learned that Mrs. Lion is perfectly happy delivering a vigorous spanking on a freshly-spanked bottom. She isn’t bothered by blood or loud yelps. If I earn punishment, I get it. Mrs. Lion’s job is to deliver it. She has learned to do it well.