Today we take the psycho puppy in for a check up. She’s growing so fast. She’s much longer and taller than she was a few short weeks ago. The only thing I don’t like about puppy-dom is the teething. I can deal with waking up early but I do not like being chomped on. She bit my hand and she must have hit a nerve because I could barely move my thumb for a day. It’s better but still hurts. Yeah. I’m looking forward to teething being over.

I finally gave Lion his “just because” spanking. By the end I was whomping him pretty hard. He’s advocating for only one “just because” spanking per week rather than the two I’ve been trying to do. I guess I’ll agree to that. However, if he breaks a rule he’ll get that punishment and a “just because” spanking. Does that mean I have to be more vigilant to make sure he’s spanked twice a week? At least twice a week.

This morning he said it hurts to sit. I’d think so. I got him red overall and drew some blood because I was using the bloodwood ferrule. It doesn’t draw blood because it’s bloodwood. It draws blood because it’s mean and I was really laying into him. I didn’t even make it to the spoon shaped paddle. I also didn’t make it till the end of the timer. We had a minute left but I was happy with my work. Lion wasn’t. Poor buns.

I think we may have jinxed him by saying he’s been easy to edge. He was not last night. There may be several factors. I wasn’t sucking him the same way. I wasn’t tickling his balls from the beginning either. I was massaging/grabbing them. I don’t want him to get used to tickling. I also know (think) he likes having his balls massaged and grabbed. Ultimately, I changed back to tickling to see if it made a difference.

I’m not sure how long I sucked him. I took a few breaks to see if he was close but I had to stop short. I was sweating and my neck was hurting. I’m sure it felt good even if he didn’t quite make it to the edge. There’s always tonight.