The DWC Method: It’s Supposed To Hurt (A Lot)

As Mrs. Lion mentioned, we have been experimenting with spanking positions. Obviously, when we do this, the spankings aren’t full-on disciplinary, but they aren’t love taps either. You can see some of the marks her experiment left in the image, right. Mrs. Lion took it the day after the spanking to illustrate her hairbrush-shaped paddle. I’m not complaining, just pointing out that she makes sure she gives each experiment enough energy to test the position fully.

Mrs. Lion’s experiment left marks. It’s what we both want.

Her latest thought is for me to lie parallel to the footboard on my stomach. She can use pillows to raise my midsection so that my butt is stretched and fully available. This looks promising. It gives her full access and enough distance to use her longer, more punishing paddles. I was surprised when Mrs. Lion said that she wanted to strap my upper thighs together. She thought that would make it harder for me to move away. I wonder if she was considering pulling my cock and balls through my legs and then lock them behind me by tightly strapping my thighs together. I doubt she would want to do that for a disciplinary spanking, but it might be fun for other times.

This is a standing version of the position with cock and balls held in back. David, Julie’s husband is in this image. A pair of panties holds his thighs together. For added humiliation, he has a tampon up his ass. (Courtesy of (strictjuliespanks)

Speaking of disciplinary spankings, Julie of strictjuliespanks wrote a post about giving her husband a DWC (Disciplinary Wives Club) spanking. The DWC was a website dedicated to disciplining men. The information it provided is remarkably accurate and useful. It is available, in part, here. The information is badly organized. Much of the most useful information is in the “letters” and stories. The specific resource that impressed me is here. It describes a punishment spanking DWC style. It may be difficult reading for Mrs. Lion and other disciplinary wives because it is very explicit about the severity of the spanking.

One of the main points the DWC makes repeatedly is that adult men are not children, and punishing them requires a very different perspective than spanking children. Mrs. Lion has learned to depersonalize spanking me. She’s said that if she allowed her feelings to get involved, she couldn’t punish me. The DWC approaches spanking the same way. It’s very matter-of-fact about the activity.

There was a striking point in the piece I linked to earlier: Duration of a spanking is one of the most important aspects. The DWC suggests a spanking for a single infraction should last ten minutes. The spanker should use a timer to assure that the punishment goes full measure. Two infractions extend the spanking to fifteen minutes. It also gives information on how a spanked bottom should look during and after a spanking. The images that went with the article are lost, but the descriptions are vivid.

I’m convinced that the writer is recounting her experience. She mentions having to pause because she was tiring or getting out of breath. That makes perfect sense. DWC also makes a strong point about warmup. Warmup swats help prevent the male from being too shocked by the spanking at the beginning. This is another strong sign that the information is accurate. If the punishment is given in full measure, the pain level needs to be kept below the point he can’t be controlled. That doesn’t mean keeping it where he wants it. It has to hurt and hurt a lot.

Ten or fifteen minutes is a very long time for a spanking. From my position, a five-minute spanking feels like it is going on forever. I have to admit that the DWC has this right. A timed ten or fifteen-minute spanking will be memorable. The fact that it’s timed makes a big difference. The spanking won’t end until after the timer goes off. When it goes off, it doesn’t mean the spanking ends. It just means it can end any time after that.

Our experience has been that as Mrs. Lion extends my punishments and makes them more severe, I learn better. I would have no idea if the DWC was a real, physical entity with in-person meetings. I do know that the information published on its website is accurate and useful. I gave Mrs. Lion links to this information. I have no idea if she has read it yet. [Mrs. Lion – I read Julie’s post. That was enough for me.]


  1. My husband cums faster with his cock and balls behind him like that. And he reports a feeling of being out of control and thoroughly owned. Worth a try!

    1. Author

      The idea of that is a big turn-on for me too.

  2. How did you get this picture of david as Mr cotton tail ? Is it on the net or is it Julie’s gift ?

    1. Author

      Julie is a friend and provided the picture to help me illustrate the post.

  3. Such a womanly ass…
    I wonder if he knows he’s there? 🙂

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