After my post about a DWC spanking, I mentioned to Mrs. Lion that it might be interesting to have a support group for disciplinary wives. She responded that she wouldn’t be like the other women who would attend. She based this on her readings on the Web. She doesn’t spank me because it is fun for her. She treats it like something I need. She gets the impression that other disciplinary wives are much more enthusiastic advocates of blistering their husbands’ bottoms.

It makes sense that posts and articles on the Web would present husband spanking in extreme terms. The writers know that most of the readers are men who use the material as fodder for masturbation. Harder and redder make hotter reading. A novice or even advanced spanker could feel that the account isn’t like her experience. This is true of the Disciplinary Wives Club website as well. The advice, as well as the “letters,” describe very severe disciplinary spankings.

As I am learning, these accounts are almost certainly accurate. The problem is that the writers have been actively involved with spanking for a long time. Many were spanked as children. Learning to spank an adult is more an adjustment than something brand new. The real-life experiences for almost everyone are probably similar to ours. We are evolving and have been doing so for years. Mrs. Lion is making excellent progress. The condition of my bottom when she finishes is good evidence of that.

This discussion started when Julie of strictjuliespanks published this post. She was inspired by a letter on the DWC website. This letter was a very detailed account of a disciplinary spanking. I think it is accurate and isn’t too different from how Mrs. Lion spanks me. A few months ago, I was sure that both Mrs. Lion and I would have considered it fiction. Mrs. Lion still believes it is not what she wants to do. I find that odd.

My spankings are no joke. I think that Mrs. Lion is more like the letter writer than she thinks. There are a few differences. The biggest one is that the DWC offered a fairly standardized approach to husband spanking. I think it makes sense. As far as I can tell, this is how a DWC spanking is performed:

  1. It is timed — A timer is used to assure that the spanking’s duration is at least as long as planned. The DWC calls for a ten-minute minimum duration. Some wives add five minutes for any additional offenses. The key takeaway is the use of a timing device. The spanking doesn’t necessarily end when the timer goes off, but it always goes at least that long.
  2. Long warmup — There is a long warmup of several minutes before the serious swatting begins. The warmup is a gradual buildup of intensity to give the husband time to “settle in.” I get the impression this goes on for about three minutes.
  3. The beating builds in intensity — The spanker gradually increases force and speed.
  4. It isn’t continuous — Ten minutes of spanking is hard work. When the spanker gets tired, she pauses for a few seconds to recover. She doesn’t pause to make it easier on her husband.

Based on my experience, the timer and ten-minute duration are the most fearsome and useful. I really get the message when Mrs. Lion keeps going. I get desperate for her to stop. When she doesn’t, the fact that I am powerless really sinks in. That’s why I finally realize that the DWC instruction is correct. I also understand why Mrs. Lion or another wife who isn’t fully immersed in corporal husband punishment would be put off. Speaking as a spanked husband, I can say that the DWC method is correct, at least for me.

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  1. It may be easier for you if you know, thanks to the timer signal, that this is the moment when the spanking ends.

    1. Author

      It’s a scary thought! I know that the one time Mrs. Lion set a five-minute timer I was wishing it would go off. If she continued afterward (she didn’t that time), it would have made things much, much worse for me. Waiting for the buzzer felt like hours to me.

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