Willow’s First Trip

Willow isn’t too sure she wants to stay in the camper.

We are about to embark on our only camping trip of the season. We had one other scheduled in June, but our dog Daisy wasn’t doing well, so we canceled. I have no idea how Willow, our three-month-old golden retriever, will do in the camper. She hasn’t been in it. She’s housebroken in the sense that the back door is open at home, and she can go out through the screen any time she wants. What’s going to happen in the camper? We shall see.

I have to get things ready and ferry them out to the camper. We don’t normally cook while we’re away. We eat breakfast, but lunch and dinner are usually grabbed along the way during our excursions. I don’t know how we’ll handle excursions this time around. The puppy has to be in her crate if we leave her. We either have to take the dog with us or take shorter trips. She whines when she’s in the car unless we listen to music. Like Lion, she’s partial to classical.

If we stay around the camper more of the time, Lion will be bored. He says we could have just stayed home if we’re going to sit around. That’s true, but we don’t do many “camping” things. We don’t cook out. We don’t sit around the campfire. [Lion — No one does this year. Fires are banned.] We don’t really camp. We drag our hotel around behind us. I imagine we’ll bring the dog with us most of the time. Either way, she’ll be snoozing.

We’re going to a place we’ve visited many times before. I always wonder what’s left to explore, but we usually manage to find something new. Plus, there’s always the chance to revisit places we like a lot. This area also has the potential of having nice fruits and vegetables. Lion likes that part. I’ve had my watermelon. I’m good for the year. Of course, if you want to add some fruit to sangria and force me to drink it, I wouldn’t argue with you.