We had a busy weekend. On Saturday, we drove to a farmstand and bought fresh-picked blueberries. Later, I did a Trimix injection that produced a very good erection that stood up even when I was lying down. Mrs. Lion tied my balls and masturbated me with lube. It felt good for a while…then it stopped feeling at all. I noticed that my erection was a little painful like my penis had too much blood in it. I wonder if that was the result of too much Trimix. If she’s up for it, I will try a smaller dose tonight.

We made blueberry jam on Sunday. America’s Test Kitchen has a wonderful recipe (read it here). The recipe only works if you make single, small batches. We had 20 jars of jam after six batches and about five hours of work. We tried the finished jam on English Muffins for breakfast on Monday. It was perfect! The jam is packed with sweet, whole berries. It’s well worth the time and trouble to make.

What didn’t happen was a continuation of Mrs.Lion’s spanking experiments. My bottom has been nowhere near the business end of a paddle since last week. Spanking me is low on Mrs. Lion’s to-do list. Let me correct myself. It’s only low on her list when she hasn’t caught me breaking a rule or annoying her. When that happens, bruising my butt moves near the top of her list.

I can’t argue with that logic. It’s just that we need to get back to our disciplinary activities. We’re both happier when I’m frequently spanked. My last spankings have been very mild by lioness standards. She made me yelp while she spanked me, but there were no lasting effects. I think that means Mrs. Lion needs more practice. These latest “Just Because” spankings were also untimed. In the past, when Mrs. Lion was in “experiment” mode, the spankings were very severe, sometimes worse than when she punished me.

The two mild spankings were enough to help recharge my sexual batteries. Even though I thoroughly dislike being spanked, I know that my interest in sex and attentiveness to my lioness improve if my bottom gets regular attention. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the sexual connection. How can something I hate and sometimes fear, improve my interest in sex? Maybe it’s like the way other people feel about seeing horor and slasher movies. They like being frightened in a safe environment.

Whatever the underlying cause, it’s obvious to both of us that sparing the paddle isn’t good for me. It isn’t the obvious domestic discipline rationalization that a disciplined husband will misbehave unless frequently spanked. That’s silly. We aren’t children. Sure, I occasionally need correction to help me grow. My need for spanking extends beyond being an educational tool. Even though I can’t explain why, I need frequent trips to the spanking bench in order to maintain sexual interest and emotional balance. Mrs. Lion might want to move spanking higher on her to-do list. She’s a very helpful lioness.

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