Cool Stuff

Technology has always fascinated me. I’ve discovered some amazing tools that help me become a better writer. The newest version of Microsoft Outlook and Word has intelligent text prediction. It’s almost supernatural. For example, I wrote an email to my friend, Mike. I wrote the body of the message and then realized that I didn’t put in a salutation. I went to the top and started to type, “Hi Mike.” I got as far as the “H” in Hi. The text prediction filled in the rest. It analyzed the email I was replying to and figured out who I would be greeting. Holy shit!

It’s even spookier in Word. It tries to complete about 75% of my sentences. It’s right more than half the time. There’s AI that is learning how I write. Wow! I have another AI helper. I subscribe to Grammarly. This service provides copy editing and proofing for my writing. It works in real-time and is right a scary amount of the time. All of our posts are reviewed in Grammarly. It is a great helper. That service doesn’t run on our computers. We connect to the service, and their servers provide the horsepower.

The Microsoft features didn’t show up on my old computer. It was a six-year-old four-core PC. We replaced our computers last fall. My new one is an eight-core, 64GB ram. It easily supports all this cool stuff. Mrs. Lion’s computer is similar.

blue jam

We finished the blueberry jam. Yesterday morning we tried this new crop. It was wonderful. The technique has a very short cooking time that allows some whole berries to make it through the jam-making process. We use our circulating pump (sous vide) to create a 180° bath that pasteurizes the jam without overcooking. We now have enough for another year, and some left over we can use as gifts.

To the very edge

Mrs. Lion teased me on Monday night. Her oral ministrations quickly brought me to the very edge. I thought she was going to give me an orgasm. Nope, she didn’t. The session was very unusual. It’s been a very long time that she has been able to get me that close so quickly. I’m delighted. Well, last night, I was just frustrated. I’m hoping that I will continue to be that responsive. It’s fun for both of us when I am.

I’ve noticed that male chastity is so strongly integrated into our marriage that it doesn’t come up in conversation anymore. We both accept that my lioness decides when I get sexual fun. No matter how horny I am, I don’t expect relief. She decides. I am grateful. This particular power exchange is very positive for our marriage. One of the leading causes of marital conflict is sex. Because male chastity is a game I started, my frustration doesn’t make me angry or resentful. It’s an expected part of our play.

It seems that if we consciously agree on how sex works for us, there is no conflict. I may get grumpy. I can’t get too grumpy, or I won’t just be frustrated; I’ll also have a blistered bottom. We have a self-correcting system that works.

Between the jam-making and the puppy, Mrs. Lion hasn’t spanked me yet. I’m not complaining. I’m happy. However, she let me know that she hasn’t forgotten that she owes me one. I haven’t forgotten either. My bottom will be blistered soon.


  1. It’s easier for you to work with such a computer. It would be nice if he wrote the lyrics for you. It would be possible not to be distracted at all from the more fun activities.

  2. Kind of cool how these things are progressing. I often use the “suggested” wording/phrases that come up. Makes for a faster process.

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