Don’t Be a Slacker

How long should I make Lion wait for an orgasm? That’s been the question since we started enforced male chastity. I’ve tried different ways to determine it. We’ve had scheduled orgasms. Lion knew when to expect them. We’ve had pseudo-scheduled orgasms. I knew, but Lion didn’t. Of course, you could say I always know, and Lion doesn’t. Sure, he can predict when it will happen, but he doesn’t know. I tried to make him wait until he was super horny. Usually, it’s me that gives in. What can I say? I like giving him orgasms.

For a while, it’s been harder to get Lion to the edge. There may be a variety of reasons. Sometimes he’s tired. It could be age-related. There are times he feels he’s taking advantage of me because I don’t want sex for myself. All these things sabotage erections. I haven’t always been the best at helping things along. I know “all I have to do” is tie him up or shove something up his ass, and there’s a good chance he’d get excited. I talk a good game about doing things to him, and then I don’t do it. This has been a problem for a long time.

When we first got together, Lion had sex every night. Sometimes I spanked him or tied him up before I gave him a hand job. Back then, it was mostly hand jobs if I didn’t ride him. I think giving him sex every night might have been too much for me. After a while, I slacked off on playing with him so much. And over the years, I’ve slacked off even more. Last week, I revealed to Lion that I bought restraints rather than look for the ones we have. They are still in the packages. I had them on the bed when I got them. I was going to surprise him when I opened them. He was tired. I was tired. The only one not tired was the puppy. Maybe she needs the restraints more than we do.

Today I’ll take them out and put them on the bed. That’s the universal code for don’t-forget-to-use-them. We’ll both see them and know what it means. And then I’ll finally tie Lion to the bed.

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  1. I have been denied 28 months and it was hell, but at the same time it was a fantastic trip.

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