The puppy woke us up at 4 AM. Mrs. Lion got back to sleep at 5. I couldn’t manage. That doesn’t bode well for Saturday night fun. I’m hoping that both of us will be ready for some sexual activity. We haven’t had much since our pup arrived. This is the time of year when my hay fever kicks in. As a transplant from the East, I’m more sensitive to western pollen. Hopefully, it won’t last too long.

I commented that two “just because” spankings a week seemed like a lot. Mrs. Lion wanted to know if that meant she should consider reducing the quantity. We have never maintained the two-spankings-a-week plan, so I have no idea how it will affect me when Mrs. Lion actually follows the schedule. It may turn out to be too much. Her spankings are no fun at all.

For the last four months, I’ve had two orgasms each month. I don’t think Mrs. Lion planned it that way, but it’s how things have worked out. I’m not complaining. It feels like circumstances have conspired to create that pace. We got the puppy in late June. She certainly affected the June and July activities. She’s almost three months old. We have at least another three months of disruption to anticipate.

Remember Mrs. Lion’s post about buying restraints (Letting a Secret Slip)? I haven’t seen them yet. Maybe they’re lost. Perhaps she’s forgotten about them. I’m hoping that we can add restraining me to the way we play. Mrs. Lion restrained me spread-eagle regularly when we lived in New York. It was very hot. I know it is extra work, and it’s probably unfair to expect it with all the puppy care going on. A lion can dream.

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