Hard Things To Believe

It’s easy to stop posting. I’m sure I’m not the first blogger to wonder whether the entire idea of a self-published website that features whatever random thought I have, is a good idea. Our society measures the quality of work by the revenue it generates. Our blog is an expense. The only measure of success we have is the number of people who visit. I’m happy that we have quite a few readers, some of them regulars. Still, is this worth the time invested?

I put out a small survey on Twitter. I asked women if they like masturbating a man? I offered three choices: Yes, to orgasm, Yes, to tease only, and No. The results surprised me:

Almost a third didn’t want to do it at all. Since masturbating is about the only direct sexual stimulation a woman can provide a man, it makes me wonder if these women limit touching to non-sexual areas. It seems a bit sad to me. The other two-thirds like playing with cocks. Only 15-percent of the women surveyed were willing to jerk him off to orgasm.

It’s true that the survey was answered by a small sample of women, all of whom follow me on Twitter. My followers have an interest in male chastity and the other sports Mrs. Lion, and I enjoy. I would think that these women would be very happy to jerk their men off. Is touching a penis something that most women don’t find appealing? My survey begs the question of what the women who won’t touch or won’t go all the way will do next? Is sex only vaginal?

It seems to me that it’s time for a larger, representative study of twenty-first-century sex practices. Sitting here in our little kinky corner, we are clearly out of touch with mainstream thinking. Mrs. Lion and I happily write about our kinky practices. We don’t assume everyone likes the same stuff. But, let’s get real. Are there any adult women who won’t give a handjob? Really?

There are pathetically limited options when it comes to non-penetrative sex. One of the most basic is providing manual stimulation. Masturbating a woman is much more difficult than jerking a man. It’s a little messy and can easily be uncomfortable for her. It’s also big fun to be able to do it successfully. That’s just me talking. I’ll do a survey for my male followers to see how they feel about masturbating a woman.

I expected that a few women would not want to handle a penis. I never went out with one, but I knew they were out there. I never imagined that any woman willing to play with a cock, wouldn’t be happy to give a happy ending. Boy, was I wrong! I want to know why? Any volunteers to explain to me?


  1. Even my sister, a very confirmed lesbian, enjoys giving a handjob to completion. I do too, though I don’t find it incredibly sexual, more like fun, and every decent handjob has an element of teasing to it. I find the spurty to be a nice little reward for my efforts, and I ALWAYS make him eat it afterwards.

    1. Author

      You have such a healthy approach! I like the idea that it is more fun than sex for the woman. Mrs. Lion almost never makes me eat it. She likes eating it herself too much.

  2. My wife enjoys teasing me more than anything else, so she does have fun giving me a handjob for fun. Now that I don’t masturbate myself she is able to bring me to orgasm. Usually it is in the shower, so no clean up. She has had me eat it, which I don’t enjoy, but crave for her to make me do so.

    1. Author

      Does she love teasing you or does she like to make you happy by teasing you?

  3. Parity. Asymmetries can be, or become, problematic. I’m not thinking of a situation like the Lions here, but of situations I’ve been in where the guy was trying to score as much as he could, without crossing the line. My line is getting shorter: I don’t care about a 1:1 ratio of orgasms, but I definitely want a guy to demonstrate some interest in my arousal and pleasure.

    So when I read about this survey, I want to check Yes to all 3 of the options–depending…

    1. Author

      The survey was meant to learn how far the respondent would go. I was surprised how few would jerk a man off to orgasm. It seems so easy and uninvolving. The intention wasn’t to test the situations when you might want to do it, just find out if you are willing to.

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