Accidental Nudists And Delayed Punishment

Mrs. Lion planned to spank me on Monday night for whining about the dog. We both had slightly upset stomachs, so she put off the punishment. She also put off any sexual activity. Both decisions were fine with me. Since I wrote yesterday’s post, Willow has stayed glued to me unless snoozing or outside. Mrs. Lion denies calling her and telling her to be nice to me. Whatever the reason, it’s very nice to have her company.

Since Willow arrived, I’ve had clothes on for at least part of the day. It feels odd. Now that she lets herself outside (we have a magnetic screen over the door), I’m just wearing a t-shirt, and I keep a pair of shorts nearby. I guess I am an accidental nudist. So is Mrs. Lion. When she gets home from work, she sheds her clothes too. Since Willow arrived, she’s been wearing shorts and a t-shirt too. I’m sure she will go back to bare shortly.

Mrs. Lion has been less strict with my “just because” spankings. I’m not sure why. It may be that having the puppy trying to make me feel better influences her. My punishment spanking will be the first since the puppy arrived. I wonder if she will return to her fearsome self for that.

I’ve been reading recent blog posts about punishment spankings for women. I haven’t seen anything new about men being spanked. Disciplinary spankings for men seem to be quite rare. It seems that the spanko (a term I recently learned that apparently refers to the person whose bottom is being beaten) often gets corner time after the spanking. This part of the punishment appears to be more erotic than punitive. It’s a humiliating throwback to childhood punishment.

Embarrassment is erotic to many people. It appears that corner time is at least as erotic as punitive to the people I’ve read about. In a BDSM scene, adding humiliation to sensation play is an excellent way to spice things up. If the purpose of a spanking is disciplinary, adding an erotic ending may not be productive.

Without exception, the spankos write about how humiliating it is to stand in a corner like a child. There is almost never a reference to discomfort. I think that it is important to differentiate carefully between “play” and punishment. Granted, both kinds of spanking sessions are fully consensual and almost always initiated by the person being spanked. That’s certainly true in our case.

If Mrs. Lion is punishing me, she wants me to learn something. While I may have instigated this painful activity, I don’t control it. Mrs. Lion’s job is to make me as unhappy as possible when she punishes me. Her spankings hurt like hell. If she were to add something at the end that has erotic connotations, like corner time, some of the value of my punishment would be lost.

When she is finished spanking me, I get up and go about my ordinary activities. There is no post-spanking ritual. Sometimes, she will rub an antiseptic lotion on my bottom if I bled very much. That feels good but isn’t erotic at all. The point is that punishment is never a turn-on. It’s true that I get aroused thinking about being spanked. That arousal helps keep me docile when I need to be punished. However, I’m never turned on during or after being spanked.

Just because” spankings are treated the same way. They may not punish a specific offense, but they are meant to remind us both how unpleasant breaking a rule can be. They also serve to give Mrs. Lion practice and let her try different tools and techniques. She doesn’t want to do that in a pure punishment spanking. Speaking of which, I have one of those coming. Ouch!

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  1. And it seems to me that serving the ass after punishment and rubbing with lotion is very erotic. Of course, it depends on how to do it and how to relate to it.

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