Delay of Punishment

I postponed Lion’s punishment last night. Neither of us was feeling all that well when it was time to drag out the spanking bench. I have a feeling we’ll both be too tired tonight, but we’ll see how it goes. Lion had trouble sleeping and finally turned off the TV at 3 AM. Coincidentally, that’s when the puppy woke up. I took her out, played with her for a while, and put her back in her crate so that I could get a little more sleep. She woke up again at 5:30. I wish I could nap all day like she does. I’m sure I’d feel better than I do right now.

If all goes well, we’ll play tonight. I still have to get Lion to the edge. Maybe it would work if I shoved the small nJoy butt plug in for a while. I can spank him, go for a shower and then do the butt plug. He’ll have a chance to recover from the spanking before he has to get used to the butt plug before I can play with him. I know it’s difficult for him to have an orgasm with the butt plug in, but it might turn him on enough to get to the edge. I’ve tried clothespins, and it had a good effect to start with, even if it didn’t last very long. I’ll have to go down the list of activities. I hope something will work.

Eventually, Lion will come out of his slump. In the meantime, we’ll have some fun. Not getting to the edge doesn’t mean he’s not having a good time. It still feels nice to be sucked. And he’s getting some much-needed BDSM attention.