Sex Drought

Lion on his spanking bench after his paddling last night..

I dragged the spanking bench out last night and got it ready for Lion. He was slow to get into position. I know he didn’t want to be whomped, but delaying can only mean more swats. Of course, this was a “just because” spanking, but it could easily have shifted to punishment.

This time I made sure I set the ten-minute timer. I found some paddles with bigger faces and set to work. The spanking bench is near my paddle collection. Well, one of my paddle collections. There are more on my dresser and in a trunk, and even more in a bin somewhere. We have a lot of paddles. I should really categorize them based on thud or sting and how mean they are.

I swear I started slow. I wasn’t swatting hard at all. By my first-ever spanking standard, I was hitting extremely hard. That felt like a fly was landing on Lion’s butt. I’ve improved my skills since then. Even by today’s standards, I wasn’t hitting hard. His buns were getting pink. I was swatting all over his cheeks, setting them up for the onslaught to follow. I make it sound like he’s as big a mess as the pictures he finds online. He does not look like hamburger meat when I’m done.

Still, even with the warm-up with a larger paddle, he was yelping quickly when I started hitting harder. I was nowhere near full strength yet. I guess the spanking bench does a good job of stretching his skin. There are no wrinkles or folds. I make full contact with his skin. Lion can certainly attest to that. Since I was doing the full ten-minute spanking, I did draw blood. And more blood. And more blood. I cleaned him off, and he was still oozing. As I hit, the blood was spattered on my leg. He was getting my paddles all bloody. How dare he! As soon as he stood up, he stopped bleeding. Something about the stretched skin makes it prone to more bleeding. We’ll have to work on that.

His sore buns festered while I showered. My stomach was a little unsettled, so I was trying not to move to let it calm down. Lion asked why we haven’t done anything sexual since his last orgasm. I said either one of us or the other wasn’t feeling well, and he was sleeping a lot. He has a problem when I say his sleeping gets in the way of sex. He thinks if he sleeps at any point, sex is off the table. Not true. It is off the table when he can’t seem to stay awake.

This morning, I was thinking about it more. I could look through my posts of the time and see what happened exactly, but my recollection is that he had his refractory period of about four days. I don’t remember if it was right after that when I edged him within an inch of his life. Then we were waiting for the strap to arrive for the spanking bench. I was putting off sex until we tested out the new spanking position. Once we got it, we did a short test, and I don’t remember if I played with him. And then he wasn’t feeling well. I remember his snoozing one night, and then I was tired by the time he woke up. Today is day 11, so it’s not like he’s been ignored for a month.

Tonight, I will attempt to make up for not giving him the attention he needs. I mean, nice attention. He got mean, bloody attention last night.

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