Mrs. Lion’s Long Road to Spanking “Happiness”

We have tried many different techniques for punishment spanking. Sometimes I counted the swats. Sometimes I hit until Lion’s buns got rosy red. Sometimes I started out slow and built up speed and intensity. Sometimes I swung for the fences right of the bat. He’s been bent over, flat on the bed, supported by pillows, and on a bench. It’s taken us a long time to get to the point that we are “happy” with the way I do it. Of course, Lion isn’t happy about being spanked. Well, he’s happy he’ll be spanked, but he’s not happy during the spanking.

What works for us may not work for you. You’ll probably have to experiment. How hard can you hit? How hard should you hit? How fast? How long? There are more factors than you may realize. When I first started spanking Lion, for BDSM, he barely felt it. I was afraid to hurt him. They were probably less than love taps. Now, I regularly make him bleed.

We have settled on a spanking bench. It’s not purpose-built. It’s really just a bench you can get from any store that sells furniture. Lion positions his torso on the bench and allows his legs to dangle. I can either strap him down or not. He prefers to be strapped down. I don’t know if this is because he knows he moves and he doesn’t want to be tempted to move too much. I think he should be able to stay still and take his punishment with no external help. However, I indulge him and strap him down. I started out strapping him once around his upper abdomen/chest area and once around his hips. The problem is that Lion has no butt, so that strap kept falling down. Very recently, I decided to put the strap around his thighs. I figure if it’s going to slide down anyway, it might as well start out there.

We have settled on ten minutes as the time of an initial spanking. If he breaks another rule before I have a chance to spank him, that increase by five minutes. If he breaks another rule within a short amount of time after a spanking, the next spanking will have five minutes added to it. So far, the most he’s ever gotten is fifteen minutes. He tends to be on his best behavior after a spanking so he usually doesn’t have any time added. Ten minutes is a long time for both of us. Obviously, it feels longer to him.

When we first started our ten-minute spankings, I started the timer right away and started spanking pretty hard right away. Wrong. First of all, the dog would always be annoying and I’d have to put her on a leash or lock her out of the room, and the timer would be running when I wasn’t spanking him. Second of all, if I was hitting hard right away, he wouldn’t make it very far before he was screaming. The fix is to start out spanking with less intensity before the timer is set. We build up the intensity and give the dog and Lion a chance to get used to the idea. Once I’ve decided his buns are warmed up, I set the timer but I still don’t hit him as hard as I can. There’s time for that.

I try to give swats on alternating cheeks. I don’t know why. I guess I just don’t want to gang up on one cheek more than the other. Sometimes I hit rapid-fire, still alternating, and sometimes I go slower. Slowing down gives both of us a chance to catch our breath. And I usually do end with harder swats, spaced out a little bit.

Aside from my goal of giving Lion a good spanking, sometimes I want certain things to happen. I may want his buns to be rosy all over. I may want him to feel it the next day. I may want to concentrate on the crack of his ass. Whatever the case, I go for the ten minutes and decide whether he’s had enough. If not, I keep going. I don’t normally go for much longer, but I’m sure it feels like it to Lion.

And that’s the way we do it. Maybe it will work for you. Maybe it won’t. Experiment and see what works. I like experimenting.