All Time Greatest Orgasms

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I got a great blow job that ended in a very powerful orgasm. It seems to me that my orgasms are getting more powerful lately. I can’t tell if I am sending out much semen. I feel powerful pulsations, but whether or not they are cream-filled eludes me. I didn’t remember such cataclysmic orgasms years ago. There were some seriously memorable ones over the years.

My first orgasm at the age of eleven was induced by another boy who went to my school. He might have been a grade ahead of me. I’m sure he was older. I have no idea how we both ended up naked. He used his hand, and I couldn’t believe the result. Nothing came out. I guess I was too young to produce anything. I was able to come over and over. It was amazing. That was the last time I saw him and my only gay experience, if you can call it that. After he taught me, I made good use of the knowledge. Nothing I did felt that good.

The second memorable one was when I had intercourse for the first time. It was also my first two-person sex. That was when I was 19. It was like that first experience being masturbated, only better. It felt like an electric shock went through me. It must be like the high that drugs give some people. I knew I wanted this feeling again and again.

The third was very different from the first two. It was my first experience with oral sex. It turned out that my first intercourse wasn’t exactly vaginal. It must have been between her labia. I discovered this when we tried to fuck the next time. We were more relaxed, and she had her legs much wider apart. I wasn’t able to penetrate her more than a couple of inches. Her hymen was not only intact; it was very tough. I didn’t want to push too hard and hurt her. That time we were both frustrated. We decided to do some research.

Neither of us had any sexual experience or education. We went to Barnes and Noble. At that time, there was only one on 18th street in Manhattan. They had a section with books for newlyweds. We found one that seemed to be quite complete. We bought two copies. Our assignment for each other was to find out what we could do.

We met at my place a couple of days later. I had a room in an old hotel on 69th Street. I lived there. It had a small kitchen and a bath. We were surprisingly brave. We kissed and undressed without delay. I guess she was as horny as me. When we took out our books, we discovered that we had both decided that oral sex was the next best thing. I went first and did quite well with her. She had several orgasms—her first. I guess our initial rendevous wasn’t as satisfying for her.

When it was my turn, she did very well. She didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with the idea of sucking my cock. When I came, she kept going until I was done. She did go into the bathroom to spit it out. Bad girl! The orgasm was very different for me. It was slower. It built up much more slowly than the ones I gave myself or the one I had when we tried intercourse. It was amazing! It turned out that she liked doing it. I didn’t ask why she didn’t swallow. I figured that I was lucky she let me come in her mouth. Oddly, it never occurred to either of us that we could masturbate one another. We went right to oral. I’m very glad.

The fourth memorable one occurred years later. It was my first anal experience. I mentioned to my girlfriend that I had never done that. I didn’t expect her to invite me to try. To my surprise, she said that she did that before. When she was in high school, she had a steady boyfriend. They didn’t have access to any birth control, so she let him fuck her anally. She invited me to try with her. She lubed me up, and as gently as possible, I entered her. It didn’t take very long for me to come. It was almost as intense as my first vaginal try all those years ago. I was blown away.

I never asked her to do that again. I don’t know why. It’s probably that I much preferred her vagina or mouth. I’ve always had a strong preference for blow jobs. I wonder if it is because my first sexual experiences were oral. Anyway, my current sex life is almost exclusively oral. I love it. Mrs. Lion gives truly great head. She can drive me crazy with her mouth.


  1. Such great sexual development in your relationship! I guess compatibility does that for you 🙂

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