Day After Orgasm

I am fighting sleep today. I don’t remember sleeping badly. I had energy earlier. It could just be the boring work I’m doing. I hope I get a second wind before I go home. I have things to do before our trip. Last night was the day after an orgasm. I don’t think Lion was looking for anything. I was tired yesterday too. I started to snooze after lunch and at around 9:30 last night. I don’t normally do that. As it was, I woke myself up by snoring. I haven’t been wearing the stupid CPAP. I’m sure it could help, if only it didn’t make me claustrophobic sometimes.

I’ll have to check the Lion weather report. I doubt he’s horny yet, but you never know. Sometimes he bounces back quicker than other times. I don’t think that’s been happening lately, though.

Can I tell you a tiny secret? Lion put the coffee pot together but didn’t set the program. I had to push the buttons. The horror! Of course, I’m not counting it against him. The hard part was done. There are times I make it out to the kitchen before the timer was set to go off, and I hit the buttons to do it early. I’ll bet Lion’s buns just gave a sigh of relief. No swats today–so far.

Lion made corned beef and cabbage for dinner. We both love it. We could eat that and turkey dinner many times throughout the year without complaint. While he was slicing the meat, he also sliced his finger. He didn’t notice right away. I saw blood dripping on the floor. I wasn’t sure if it was the dog or him at first. He’d just given her a piece of meat. Apparently, the new meat carver is so sharp, that it can slice through raw Lion meat in addition to cooked corned beef. I got him bandaged up so he could continue slicing. Just add Nurse Lioness to my other titles.