Mouth Music

When it comes to blow jobs, I’m what you could call me an educated consumer. I realize that it’s no great shock that I love it when Mrs. Lion sucks my cock. I’ve always been partial to oral sex. In fact, the first sex I ever had was oral.

I led a very sheltered life. I spent my teen years at a boys boarding school. I guess I was a late bloomer when it came to sex. I really didn’t date until I started college. My first girlfriend was a drop-dead, beautiful senior. I don’t know why she was attracted to me, but she was. I never got past second base with her. She didn’t want to be my first. She did let me finger her once, but never reciprocated.

In the middle of my freshman year I met Irma. She was a sweet girl as naïve as I. She met me over the Christmas vacation and joined me at my mother’s apartment in New York. My mother was conveniently away on a vacation trip. Irma and I made out on my single bed. Eventually, and I mean eventually — it took hours — we finally got our clothes off. We were both intensely excited. The room smelled like sex.

We groped and kissed. It was the first time I felt a woman touch my penis. We went for the gold! It felt great. The only thing was that I later learned I never really got inside of her. Our contact was essentially external but it was enough to give us both our first non-masturbatory orgasm. I was hooked!

After that first meeting, we saw each other again quite often. I made a terrible discovery: I was unable to enter her. Apparently, she had a very solid hymen that I couldn’t penetrate without causing her intense pain. We were too ignorant to realize that she could visit a gynecologist who could easily solve that problem for us. Instead, we improvised.

We learned to give each other oral sex. I have to admit that I didn’t miss intercourse. Irma learned to give world-class blow jobs. She never swallowed, but I never minded that at all. When I finished, she would go to the bathroom and spit out my semen.

We dated exclusively for about six months. We had an extremely active sex life. We just never fucked. Irma learned to play my penis like a virtuoso. I became very expert at using my tongue. Every so often, we would try intercourse. It never worked and we would go back to producing mouth music.

When I finally found a partner I could enter, I realized that I actually preferred Irma-style sex. The mouth is endlessly more interesting in terms of the sensations it can provide. The tension between lips, tongue and breath are far more expressive then the blind, slippery embrace of a vagina.

“Heresy!,” You cry. The vagina is the very temple of sex. I realize that instinctively, I’m drawn to that lower orifice. However, because of my sheltered upbringing and my rather unusual introduction to sex, I discovered that the soft embrace of a loving mouth beats a pussy hands down. I’m pretty sure that on the other side, an enthusiastic, well-educated tongue is vastly superior to a penis at providing female sexual pleasure.

Maybe it’s true that we are imprinted by our first experiences. My introduction to sex was oral. Over the decades following that first love, my preference remains a woman’s upper orifice. Her mouth can not only whisper gentle words of love, offer spider-light kisses of affection, but also provide incredible orgasms as she coaxes semen from the depths of my body. She is not only a temptress, she is a wish-grantor capable of wringing cries of joy from me.

There is a very wide chasm between vaginal and oral sex. Even if both partners are enthusiastically desirous of mating, the penis essentially takes its pleasure inside the woman. It moves in and out, subtly adjusting its position for the best, most-arousing sensations. It’s very rare when a penis cannot find Nirvana inside of vagina. It’s reasonably unusual for a woman to reach her climax strictly from a penis trying to find its own pleasure.

Her mouth, on the other hand, is the active partner. He has no real control over the stimulation he receives. She decides whether to give more pressure, faster motion, or just slightly open her mouth and let him realize he is out of control. A blow job is something he receives; a wet, warm gift, that if he’s lucky, will result in a blinding flash of orgasm. He knows that she has to want him to reach that point. The penis can’t take its pleasure orally. It can only enjoy the sensations it is receiving and hope the stimulation will continue until the logical end.

For many men, losing the ability to determine their own fate, makes getting oral sex difficult. Some will attempt to assert power and demand ejaculation. Others, will fall back on old societal lore and claim that if penis stimulation is begun, it can only end one way. Entirely too many women fall for this.

One thing that my experience with male chastity has taught me is that I don’t have a birthright to ejaculate every time my penis is stimulated. This is particularly true when I receive oral sex. Mrs. Lion feels absolutely no obligation to suck my penis more than she wishes. She knows that I love it when she sucks it. She also knows that she is under no obligation to take me any further than she desires.

This is a very different kind of blow job. I have to learn that my penis has no divine mandate to ejaculate once it’s taken into Mrs. Lion’s mouth. In a very obvious way, she is having sex with me, I don’t own the process.

Whether or not you practice male chastity, there is something very powerful about taking the automatic orgasm out of a blow job. An orgasm is a gift, not a right. We men need to learn this. When Mrs. Lion takes my penis into her mouth, she is giving me a wonderful gift. I love the way it feels. Of course, I hope she will let me ejaculate. If she doesn’t, I’ve still gotten a great gift.

Even though this is in the context of a male chastity relationship, this particular topic extends way beyond that particular kink. It has to do with true sexual equality. If my lioness decides to put my penis in her mouth, she is expressing a genuine desire to bring me pleasure. She knows I love it when she does this. She is not incurring an obligation to bring me to orgasm. Simply taking my penis in her mouth is no different than giving me a gentle kiss. It might be the overture to much more, or it just might be a way of showing affection.

As my mate, Mrs. Lion has unrestricted access to my penis. She knows I truly love when she gives it attention. It happily stands up straight letting her know how happy it is she’s stimulating it. Because she knows that I don’t expect each contact to result in ejaculation, she is much freer to initiate contact as a way of showing her affection for me. Frequently the result is that I’m frustrated and wish I could ejaculate. That doesn’t mean she needs to feel any obligation to prevent me from being frustrated.

My frustration is actually a very sincere form of appreciation. There is nothing negative about being sexually frustrated. Propaganda notwithstanding, there is no physical or emotional price for deferred pleasure.

Actually, I am the real winner. I love when Mrs. Lion pays attention to my penis. It has lots of sensitive nerve endings that celebrate her touch, her gentle kiss, the warmth of her mouth. The fact that I crave more tells her how much I enjoy what she is doing.

What I learned from Irma all those years ago turns out to be one of the most valuable lessons of my life. While it is wonderful fun to have vaginal sex, nothing is more intimate and ultimately satisfying than Mrs. Lion’s lips around my hard penis.