On Being A Spanked Husband

I can understand why our brand of domestic discipline can seem confusing. It’s based on my need to be spanked. That need is sexual. I’m turned on thinking about getting a spanking. I’m not turned on by role-playing. I can’t get into it. I find that pretending to be a naughty schoolboy or an employee always late to work to be silly. Before domestic discipline, spanking was a sort of foreplay. It was hot and worked. Generally, I would get spanked and then wanked. It was fun. Mrs. Lion did that for me after we started BDSM play.

It didn’t happen very often. Mrs. Lion never really got into it. Beating my bottom never did anything for her. She did it because I wanted it. After we started male chastity, I experienced real control. Mrs. Lion had absolute control over when I could ejaculate. She could edge me day after day without relief. That obviously turned me on.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that the teasing wasn’t the main attraction of male chastity. It was surrendering sexual control. It was a stomach-fluttering feeling knowing that I had absolutely no ability to orgasm regardless of how horny I got. She would bring me to the edge over and over and then tell me that was all I was going to get.

Once I understood the power her control had over me, I wondered what would happen if that power went beyond sex. I fantasized about Mrs. Lion spanking me for breaking the rules. They weren’t BDSM spankings that were foreplay to jerking off. They were bottom-blistering spankings intended to make me regret my transgression. I got hard thinking about it.

Now, Mrs. Lion thinks nothing of blistering my bottom

I asked Mrs. Lion to extend her control. She agreed. It took a while before her spankings were sufficient to make me regret my sins. Once they passed that threshold, things changed for me. I actually thought about my actions in terms of being spanked. Setting up the coffee pot and eating neatly became priorities. I was Mrs. Lion’s disciplined husband. I am anything but excited when she lets me know I earned punishment. There is no sexual rush.

That doesn’t mean I don’t break the rules. I do. It isn’t willful. I sometimes forget. When I am informed that I forgot, I get an “Oh shit” feeling. I know that very soon, I will be hurting. Over time, I forget less often. Strict punishment is a good teacher. Mrs. Lion is working on expanding into times I interrupt or act like a know-it-all. I’ve been forbidden to act that way for a long time. Mrs. Lion rarely punishes me when I slip. She’s informed me that it is changing now.

The most confusing discovery we have made about domestic discipline is that it starts to stop working if I go too long without being punished. When that happens, Mrs. Lion starts to allow me to go unpunished for offenses. I forget how much I dislike being punished and get sloppy. Mrs. Lion has instituted “just because” spankings. If I go more than a couple of weeks without a punishment, Mrs. Lion will spank me “just because” I must have done something wrong she didn’t see.

The real reason for this unearned punishment is to keep the dislike of how a spanking feels fresh in my mind. It also reminds both of us that we are in a disciplinary marriage. Mrs. Lion is reminded of her role and gets practice beating my butt. It works! I almost earned a punishment on Saturday when I nearly forgot to set up the coffee pot. Fortunately, I remembered before we went to bed. I try to be good.

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  1. If you follow the trend and assume that you are progressing all the time, then over time you should become the most disciplined husband in the world.

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