Redder Bottom

I know, I know, I resolved to avoid adding to Mrs. Lion’s paddle collection. It was one thing when her spankings were mildly uncomfortable. It’s another now that she can make my butt hurt when I sit for nearly a week. It makes no sense at all for me to help her make things even worse. Guess what? This stupid lion actually bought her a leather paddle. There’s a picture of it on the right. When it arrived, Mrs. Lion put it away without comment. It’s possible that I won’t see, no feel it again.

I bought it not because I feel she needs a new way to make me miserable. It’s that in my wanderings, I’ve noticed that spanked bottoms are generally very red without much visible bruising (see image, left). My last spanking, the fifteen-minute one, was administered using her bloodwood ferule paddle. This paddle has the same 3-inch diameter striking face as her much-heavier spanking spoon. The result was much redder, along with the expected bruising.

From my perspective on the receiving end, the ferule also stung a lot more than the spoon. Perhaps red is associated with sting. The spanking spoon definitely delivers much more force than the ferule. Its weight and long handle assure that. The ferule delivers more of a very hard slap. I wonder if a thinner paddle with a larger surface area would produce much redder. So, I ordered the leather paddle in the foolish hope of finding out.

Mrs. Lion will not be satisfied with a deep pink bottom. She wants the marks that signal many days of discomfort. I get that. She also seems to favor using only a single paddle for my spankings. I’m pretty sure that the leather paddle won’t give her the marks she wants but is likely to give her a deep red canvas. If she switches to her spoon after developing the red she seeks, I will end up with the bruises and the sting. Stupid Lion! I can’t help it. I’m curious.

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  1. This leather paddle looks very impressive. Hopefully the time will come and you can feel his weight on your ass.

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