Waking the Weenie

Lion took up residence in the bedroom before I changed the bed. When he took his shower, I was busy with dinner. I managed to do the laundry, which made it out of the dryer the same day it went in. Last week it took till Thursday.

After dinner, Lion was awake for a bit. By the time I took my shower, he was snoozing. He put a TV show on and fell asleep, waking only for the commercials. At one point, he said the show wasn’t very interesting. I told him that was because he was only awake for the commercials. A while later, I was minding my own business, and my back started cramping up. It was bad enough when I was lying there, but it was painful when I tried to stand up. Once I was up, I was fine. It felt almost like sciatic pain when I was lying down, but it was clearly muscle. I still feel it this morning, and I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse as the day goes on.

In addition to changing the bed, my priority is Lion. We need to snuggle, at the very least. He’s said we don’t hug and kiss much anymore. I think he’s right. Aside from a hello or goodbye kiss, we don’t kiss much. Well, we kiss after each eye drop. I don’t remember how that started. Maybe I said it was the price for my services. [Lion — She did. I love it!] Sometimes I make up a silly reason to “steal” a kiss. I have noticed recently that it’s mostly me kissing him. What’s up with that, Lion?

I know he’ll say he initiates snuggling a lot by asking me if I want to snuggle. But why am I always moving to his side of the bed? Why am I always looking over my shoulder at the TV? We’ve had this problem for years. Of course, if snuggling is supposed to lead to sex, no one should be looking at the TV. And if that’s the case, then I should move over to his side of the bed. However, if it’s snuggling for snuggling’s sake, then he should move over to my side of the bed sometimes. The problem is that, with the adjustable beds, there’s a gap between them, and it’s difficult to bridge it. Apparently, I’ve mastered it, so that’s why I move to his side of the bed. [Lion — It’s hard for me to go to Mrs. Lion’s side. I guess I can try harder.]

Okay. Enough about bed gaps and who moves where to snuggle. The point is that we need to get back on track. It’s been a few days since his orgasm. He should be feeling the beginning twinges of horniness by now. I need to take advantage of that and get him frustrated. I’ll have to see if I can wake the sleeping weenie tonight.


  1. Lions lead this way of life. They sleep in the shade of trees all the time and wake up only to eat or have sex.

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