No Time to Fear

I crapped out on finishing the lawn yesterday. It was too hot. Yes, 82 is too hot. We’ve been in the Pacific Northwest too long. I’ve had the cold winters, and hot summers of New York assimilated out of me. I’m a wimp. I’m also older, so I welcome the more moderate climate. Anyway, twenty minutes of back and forth across the lawn, and it was done. I’d be happy, but I know it will probably need to be mowed next weekend too. The first mow of the year is generally a long cut. The grass sees it as a challenge and will shoot right up again.

I wasn’t necessarily too tired to do anything with Lion last night. Apparently, he was too tired, though. I tried to snuggle once, and he fell asleep. Later on, he asked if I wanted to snuggle. I moved over, and he fell asleep. I can take a hint. Maybe tonight, he will be able to stay awake long enough to play. Maybe he’s not ready to play yet. That’s fine. I want to snuggle without the snoring soundtrack in my ear. He’ll say he wasn’t snoring. He’s even tried to convince me he wasn’t sleeping while he was snoring. Unless he randomly makes snoring sounds while he’s awake, I’m pretty sure he was sleeping.

None of my remaining chores are as strenuous as mowing the lawn. I should be fully available to play with Lion, assuming he’s ready. I told him last week he needs a “just because” spanking. Maybe not tonight, but one of these days. I think it’s best when he doesn’t know a “just because” spanking is coming. He’s fully aware when he’s due a punishment spanking. He can brood over his impending doom. If I surprise him with a “just because” spanking, he has no time to fear it. Thinking about a punishment spanking may make it more effective.