Based on recent events, it appears I’m not broken. I had my last orgasm after only three days since the one before it. I found myself getting horny the day after both of them. On the day of my last one, I wrote rather sexy stuff for this blog (” Building A Better Male Sex Toy“). My research had me review the “literature” about male sex toys. This included some fun searches on To make matters worse (better!), viewing related videos was very hot.

I was surprised by my reaction to reading and viewing sexually-oriented stuff. I don’t generally get a rise out of this sort of activity. The only reliable exception is when I read sex scenes I’ve written. My new book, Hacked, has some hot stuff in it, but right now, I am working on unsexy plot arcs. Anyway, I was startled to find myself getting aroused so soon.

When Mrs. Lion used the glass toy (“Scooby-Doo”), I not only tolerated it, I liked it. She followed the anal training with great oral sex that resulted in ejaculation. How about that? I can’t explain the change. My diet is the same. Mrs. Lion is more sexually active with the anal training and “just because” spanking. Is that it? Was it as simple as spanking me and shoving things up my ass? Am I that simple a creature? Maybe.

The only way to find out is to continue abusing my rear to determine if it is the key to keeping me sexually active. I better order a case of anal lube. I suppose Mrs. Lion could expand my horizons by trying other forms of kinky foreplay. She has a large arsenal of tricks that make me squirm and yelp. Speaking of yelping, I’ve noticed that I’m no longer curious what Mrs. Lion is using to spank me. Whatever she selects does the job very painfully. I’m not tempted to look for new implements. What she has works all too well, thank you very much.

That’s probably a growth step in our disciplinary relationship. The next step is probably me learning what implements are the most painful so that when Mrs. Lion tells me she is going to use one of them, I will properly dread it. So far, she doesn’t tell me what she has used. My dread is more generalized.

After I wrote about male sex toys, a follower on Twitter talked about a toy I’ve heard about once before. It’s the Edge-O-Matic 3000. According to the maker’s website and the user manual for the device, it uses an inflatable butt plug to sense the degree of arousal. The device comes with a vibrator similar to the Magic Wand. It’s connected to the controller. It is used to stimulate the penis. According to the maker, as arousal increases, there is activity from the pelvic floor. This squeezes the butt plug, and the change in pressure is measured by the device. After some calibration by the user, the device is supposed to detect when the user is just about to have an orgasm. When it detects that, it stops the vibrator. It then waits a bit to let the user cool off, and it begins again, and again, and again.

One review raved about how well it works. I would love to test this device. I can be tough to edge. Just ask Mrs. Lion. Anyway, as far as I know, this is the only device that uses biofeedback to control its operation. I can’t find anything that measures brain or body activity to maximize arousal. Combining that with the edging feature would be positively diabolical.

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  1. No surprise to me. Didn’t I tell you that my husband always comes quicker with a toy (preferably a custom prostate vibrator) humming up his butt?

    1. Author

      Interesting. Mrs. Lion gets me off sometimes with a butt plug inserted. I don’t think we have a vibrator for use back there. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

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