Headache and a Potential Ass Ache

My latest experiment involves my anxiety meds. With the help of my doctor, I will start weaning myself off of the drug that may be causing my libido issues. It’s worth a shot. If it doesn’t work, or if I get too crazed being off it. I suspect, if I go off it slowly, it will be okay. If I suddenly morph into Lioness 7.0, maybe I need to be back on the meds.

I realized after I wrote my post yesterday, that Lion and I had discussed using the glass butt plug again, only this time I’d start with the larger end. I wasn’t going to jump right to the larger butt plug. However, I decided to give him a night off since he’d just had an orgasm. I reasoned that he wouldn’t necessarily want anything up his ass if he wasn’t even mildly horny to begin with. Instead, we snuggled and watched TV.

As we were about halfway through Jeopardy, Lion said it’s been a while since we’ve played Spankardy. I might have to pencil him in for a night or two in the coming weeks. He doesn’t earn very many swats when we play. I’ll have to revamp the rules or maybe just make those few swats count. I could do a warm up and then start counting.

I have a sinus headache. I’m not sure what we’ll accomplish today. I know we have an errand to run either today or tomorrow. I’m hoping I’ll feel better later and we can do some more anal training.