Hands On, Mouth On

I guess we’re in a tiny slump again. This time, at least partly, it’s because Lion hasn’t felt completely well. He declined anal activity last night. He always asks if it’s okay to decline. Of course, it is. The only thing he can’t decline is punishment unless there’s a valid reason like illness or injury. I’m not going to hold him to punishment if he’s otherwise hurting. The only thing that should be hurting him is me. I don’t want to compete with other pain. He wouldn’t be focused on my swats.

I’m not sure if Lion is planning on going with me or not, but I have to pick up our prescriptions and do some chores around the house. Lion’s legs were hurting so, if he does come with me, I think he’ll probably stay in the car. It’s just good to get out of the house.

Lion has been writing about sexual aids lately. I’m glad he prefers my attention to the toys. I feel superfluous when we use the Fleshlight or other masturbation devices. Am I jealous of the thing that’s sucking on my weenie? It’s true that I’m guiding it along, and it wouldn’t be working at all without me, but I should be the one sucking my weenie. I’m not even sure I’d be that bothered by Lion masturbating himself, as long as I was there, of course.

Actually, I think the problem is that I can’t tell what’s going on with these toys. If I’m jerking him off or sucking him, I know where the pressure is being applied. I know what’s working and not working. That knowledge is delayed or even non-existent with the toys. I’m definitely more of a hands-on or mouth-on person.

Even if Lion isn’t in the mood for anal activity, I’ll still try to see if I can entice my weenie into an erection. He said he was horny the day after his orgasm. Maybe he’ll be interested again today. We can do as much or as little as he wants. I may be calling the shots, but I still take my cues from him. It’s nearly impossible to give an uninterested weenie an orgasm.

[Lion — I’m definitely interested at both ends!]