I just finished listening to the audiobook version of Unqualified by Anna Faris, who played Christy on the TV show “Mom.” I rarely pay attention to TV stars and seldom read about them. In fact, before this book, the last show biz book I read was a biography of Walt Disney. Anyway, much of the book is drivel that sounds like a ghostwriter dashed out a quickie biography. I did learn that before “Mom,” Faris starred in some of the worst bombs Hollywood ever farted out. Most notoriously, she was the lead in the “Scary Movie” lead-footed horror movie parodies.

Anyway, before reading this book, all I knew about her was her role in “Mom.” I admit that I love how she plays her character. The book came out in 2017 and is full of glowing love for her husband, Chris. Apparently, he is a famous actor. I have no idea. Mrs. Lion tells me that they divorced. Now she is engaged to someone else I never heard of. So what.

I didn’t write this post to waste your time reading Hollywood gossip. I admit to having a small crush on Faris. It isn’t sufficient to make me do any research on her life and activities. I like her in “Mom.” She left the show this season. Too bad. Anyway, she has a section in her book about body hair. That holds some interest for me. It turns out that she had most pubic hair lasered off. She wrote that she was warned not to do it because “Bush is back.” Really?

That’s too bad. I wondered if this alarming news is true. Apparently, “Vogue” magazine pronounced that bush was back a year ago. An article I found said that COVID stopped people from getting waxed and so many women just let it all grow back. Apparently, the pubic hair pundits have declared that we are back to the ’70s.

No bush here! I’ve looked like this for over 20 years.

On the male front (See what I did?), women strongly prefer some degree of manscaping. Less than ten percent preferred ungroomed male pubes. I prefer no pubic hair on me. I’ve had what is called a Hollywood for many years. That means no hair at all around the penis, on the balls, and in and on the butt. Mrs. Lion has been waxing me for some time. Years ago, I had laser treatments that permanently removed all of the hair above my shaft and most on my balls. There is a stubborn patch just above the shaft that the laser didn’t kill.

For her part, Mrs. Lion says she doesn’t care about my manscaping. However, she comments when that patch of hair grows out and tickles her nose. I think she probably prefers all of the hair gone. My hair has been removed for over twenty years. I can’t remember what I looked like with pubic hair. I don’t miss it. Mrs. Lion doesn’t groom down there. She has very little pubic hair. If she gets interested in sex again, maybe she will revisit shescaping.

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  1. I have been hairless for over 25 years now! I enjoy the smoothie feeling!

    1. Author

      Welcome to the club!

  2. i also have been bare there for many years can’t remember when i started going bare. i do love going down on hairy women something about it. Fortunately, Mistress Kate is very hairy and very fine. Her friends were all shescaped. Life goes on

    1. Author

      The only woman I see naked is Mrs. Lion. She has a light bush.

  3. Of course, without hair, it all looks more hygienic. But, it seems to me, like in any other business, people should have a choice.

  4. Without hair, the look is certainly more well-groomed. Well, sexier too.

    1. Author

      Yup. I agree.

    2. Author


  5. I went bald a while back, it took time but without any persuasion my better half is now bald too, much preferable.

    1. Author

      It is nice. 🙂

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