Mrs. Lion, Hear Me Roar

When I was reading back over our early posts, I discovered one that said if I don’t want an orgasm for myself, I should be able to take one of Lion’s. Seems fair to me. He agrees. He also says maybe what he really needs right now is for me to be more forcefully in charge. I should tell him we’re doing something instead of asking him. This is difficult for me, but I’m going to try.

I guess I failed my first test last night. Lion can sometimes be very opinionated. I tell him he steamrolls me at times. He’ll express an opinion and ask me how I feel. If I feel differently, he continues to tell me how he feels. Depending on what it is, I let him win. Case in point: The newest incarnation of The Equalizer started a few weeks ago. Lion decided he wouldn’t like it before he even saw it. We watched the first episode and he said it was good. I liked it too. We watched the second episode and he didn’t like it so much. He was ready to cancel the recordings. I’m willing to give it more time.

The backstory to this is that Lion watches a few shows that I don’t like. He’s watched Survivor and The Sopranos in the past. I either find something else to do or I just don’t pay attention when “his” shows are on. When I like a show that he doesn’t, he tends to make fun of it while I’m watching or he sighs and mumbles about it. Maybe it’s stupid, but I’ll stop watching whatever show it is so I don’t have to bore him. The exception to this point has been Grey’s Anatomy. We watched that from the beginning and he liked it until it got too “soapy”. Too many side stories that have nothing to do with medicine. Tough! I like it. Either shut up or get out. Or, I can go in the living room while he watches whatever he wants in the bedroom.

Back to last night. He’ll say “you like this” as he starts the show. That’s how I know it’s my show versus his show. Once I hear that, I know he’s doing me a favor by putting it on. At least that’s how I perceive it. Anyway, last night I told him not to worry about putting on my shows. It’s not worth the grief. Maybe I should go in the living room when he starts watching “his shows” and watch “my shows”. That way neither of us would have to watch “your show”. There we go. Sucked up and moving on.

Speaking of sucking, Lion finally decided he was ready for some action last night. He was nice and hard. It had been eleven days since his last orgasm. Not the longest wait, but we had some issues in those eleven days and I was glad to be moving forward again. Since it was only eleven days and we hadn’t done much in a while, I was going to tease him good and leave him hanging with the hopes that this would lead to more fun times. Lion had other ideas.

It’s not that he just decided to have an orgasm. And he has no way to speed it up or slow it down, so he didn’t change my mind for me on purpose. Sometimes, once you get the ball rolling, things happen quickly. Before either of us could react, he was having an orgasm. I didn’t get yummy goodness, though. I don’t know if he didn’t produce much or if I swallowed it without realizing it. I guess I’ll have to wait till next time for the cream filling. It’s certainly something to look forward to.