We finally did the boner shot last night. I say “finally” because it’s been a while and Lion was more than ready. Unfortunately, he wasn’t really ready. He was hard. He seemed like he was getting closer. I swear he bucked into me. But he didn’t come even after my left arm had gone numb and my right shoulder hurt. I’d also worked up quite a sweat. He said he didn’t think he’d be able to come. He was still horny, but he worried about me. We agreed to try again today/night.

This time, I’m bringing out the clothespins or rope or restraints. I have to get him even more ready. I don’t really have to, but clearly, he wasn’t really ready last night. If he’s really ready, maybe he’ll get super hard. When this happens, he looks like he might burst from a gentle breeze. It doesn’t happen often. If memory serves, it happened the first time he used Trimix. I guess all those weeks of not having an orgasm and the prospect of having one made him more than ready. A few orgasms ago, he told me he didn’t need any BDSM, so we went right for the gold. I didn’t take that to mean he’d never need BDSM again, but we haven’t done any lately. I’m hoping it helps.

He also wanted to be waxed this weekend. I told him I would do it. It’s almost 4 pm on Sunday. I’m not doing it today. I know it doesn’t take long anymore. I just don’t like doing it. The pantry is still a wreck, so I have to drag the cart into the bedroom. Then I have to squeeze the other massage table into an area that isn’t really big enough for it. There is no area big enough for it. I guess we’ll have to find a house that has room for an impromptu waxing studio. If the living room is big enough, it shouldn’t be an issue. I’d even be okay with backing the car out of the garage to set up the table. Of course, I still won’t like waxing him, but I won’t have to wrestle with the massage table.

Mrs. Lion slept in on Sunday morning. I decided to get up and use the time to write this post. Yesterday afternoon, we used the Edex and Mrs. Lion gave me oral sex. She commented that some hair had grown back above my penis and tickled her nose. She wondered if we should try the pulsed light hair removal system I got some time ago. I agreed, and we will try it in limited areas. It burns too much to use on my balls.

That got me thinking about male grooming. When my partner shaved me over twenty-five years ago, the practice was uncommon for men. I decided to see how things have changed. Good old Google turned up a Journal of Men’s Health1 study on that very subject. It turns out that a little over half of American men remove all or some pubic hair. The study goes into detail about exactly how many remove particular regions of hair and demographic data. It’s clear that I’m far from alone.

According to the study, there is an increase in genital injuries and sexually transmitted diseases in men who groom pubic hair. It isn’t very high, but it occurs. I suspect that shaving is responsible for most. It makes sense to take care when grooming down there. Women weren’t included in the study. Other research has shown that a majority of women do some pubic styling.

From my perspective, loss of my pubic hair has proven very positive. I like how the smooth skin looks and feels. It’s easier to stay clean and odor free. Removing pubic hair is a no-brainer when using a male chastity device. Hair gets caught and pulls painfully. It also gets in the way when putting on the device.

One of the main reasons that men gave for pubic grooming was to facilitate oral sex. Mrs. Lion is far from the only woman who prefers to avoid nose tickles when sucking cock. The prevalence of shaved male pubes in porn was also cited as a reason for male pubic grooming.

So, if I were in a locker room, I wouldn’t be the only hairless guy. I stopped worrying about that years ago. I am a happy advocate of hairless male genitals.

1 Gaither, T. W., Awad, M. A., Osterberg, E. C., Rowen, T. S., Shindel, A. W., & Breyer, B. N. (2017). Prevalence and Motivation: Pubic Hair Grooming Among Men in the United States. American Journal of Men’s Health, 11(3), 620-640. https://doi.org/10.1177/1557988316661315

Lion never did watch his opera. He was in his office for most of the day. By the time he came out to mix up the food for the strawberries and tomatoes, I was ready to abandon waxing. It takes a while to change the water and feed them once he’s done with his part. But the wax was all melted so I decided to do it. I have to go on a prescription run so I wouldn’t have time to do it tonight.

I know it’s been a while, well over a month, since I’ve waxed him. He seemed to have more chest hair. It’s no big deal. Just an observation. He always had chest hair, and it wasn’t a problem. At some point, he decided he wanted that gone too. The only issue I’ve had with chest hair is that it tickles my nose when we snuggle. I don’t remember that happening before he wanted it waxed. Of course, I don’t remember the hair at the base of his penis tickling my nose then, either.

While I was cleaning him up, I tried to get him off. He was very oily and seemed to be interested. I guess he wasn’t too interested because he stopped me after a while. Even a slippery weenie isn’t a horny weenie. I’ll have to see what I can do with my mouth.

Since we were late getting done with waxing, I forgot all about his punishment-day swats. I can make it up today. It’s punishment day again. Does that mean I owe him five minutes from Saturday and five from today? That’s an interesting question. I could just keep going for a while after the timer has gone off. Or I could make the swats harder. Both are solid ideas. Lion will have to wait for the answer.

hairless male

Male pubic grooming is a subject that doesn’t seem to get much attention. I see some references to manscaping but no real discussion of what it means for most men. Let’s face it, any sort of body hair attention is a fairly new idea. In the last century, body grooming had a sort of feminine air. Guys were supposed to be hairy. It didn’t occur to me until a girlfriend brought it to my attention in an unsubtle way.

Before I met this woman, I trimmed my pubic hair.I didn’t remove all that much but trimmed to about two inches. I thought it looked good. We had really good sex. I forgot about trimming my hair. After about a month, we were playing. She had me tied to the bed. She left the room and came back with a bowl of water, soap, and one of her razors. Without a word, she began shaving my pubic hair. I asked her to stop and explain what she was doing. She smiled and said, “Can’t you tell?” Then she explained that she didn’t like pubic hair. She said that when we met, I didn’t have much. She went on to explain that she never liked pubic hair. She had almost none. She didn’t have to shave.

I didn’t protest further. I wanted her to be attracted to me and I figured that she was the only one who would see me naked. It looked and felt odd, but she was happy. I got used to it and learned to like how I looked. I had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing as manscaping. After we broke up, I stayed hairless. Women I dated never commented on it. Most had full bushes of their own. I guess the times caught up with me. More and more men were hairless. When I checked out porn videos, no one had any pubic hair. How about that? I was a trendsetter.

Women have been removing body hair for a long time. I’ve never dated a woman who had hairy legs or pits. I’m all in favor of them removing the pubic hair too. Womanscaping is almost universally accepted. There is occasional controversy about shaving pubes, but I’ve never seen any serious discussion of hairy legs or pits.

Over the years, I decided to extend my manscaping. At this point, the only body hair I have is on my arms and legs. Mrs. Lion prefers hairy legs.. My chest, back, pits, pubes, and butt are all hairless. I like how I look. My chest is much better looking without the fur. It’s a choice that doesn’t suggest anything about my masculinity. I think that’s a good thing. Maybe we should write and read more about male body hair options. I wonder how women feel about it. Mrs. Lion says she is neutral on the subject, but clearly likes my hairless pubes.

[Mrs. Lion — For the record, I don’t care about body hair, except when guys are really hairy. I don’t like when a guy looks like he’s wearing a sweater when he’s naked. Lion’s pubic hair tickles my nose when it gets to a certain length and I tease him about it, but it wouldn’t matter if it was always there. I got used to it not being there and I could get used to it being there. Lack of pubic hair makes wearing a cage and anal play a little easier, but manscaping is mostly for Lion.]