Sucking Up and Moving On

It has been suggested that I suck it up and stop whining about how things are going around here lately. With the knowledge that I am doing whatever I can to improve things, I will suck it up. Moving on.

I was wondering if it would work to take my shower as soon as I got home. That would get it out of the way. It would eliminate the short “unwind” time I take as a breather between getting home from work and starting dinner, but it would get my shower out of the way so fun times could start earlier. I didn’t get a chance to do Lion’s haircut over the weekend. I’ll do that once I get home and start the new shower routine tomorrow.

When I snuggled with Lion last night, he got pretty hard. He seemed surprised. I asked if he wanted me to suck him and he suggested we wait another night. As soon as I asked, I realized I should have told him I wanted to suck him. I am in charge, after all, even though the past week or so hasn’t felt like it. However, in the interest of trying to get back in the swing of things, I decided to let him steer the ship. He turned off the TV while I was teasing him. When he started to lose it, he pulled the covers up and turned the TV back on. We’ll see how things go tonight.

Since I’m a very nice person, I saved Lion’s butt. I suggested, when he got up to take out his contacts and brush his teeth, he should visit the kitchen. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. He knew immediately that he’d forgotten to set up the coffee pot. He corrected it and avoided sore buns. I still think we need to try out the yoga pillow, so maybe his butt isn’t as safe as it could be. We’ll see how we feel later.

Lion sporting his wood clothespins. You can see he likes them.

If I don’t spank him, assuming he’s in the mood for anything, I think it’s a clothespin night. I’m thinking something in a plastic clothespin. Not too many, because they hurt a lot more than the wooden ones, but they are pretty colors so I should use a few.

When I was teasing Mr. Weenie, I reminded Lion of the time he wanted me to stretch him. I guess, at the time, he thought it might be a way to make him longer. Obviously, that doesn’t work, but last night he said it does improve blood flow to the spongy tissue so maybe it’s worth revisiting. You don’t have to ask me twice to play with my weenie. I’m in!