Mrs. Lion Learns To Make Me Foam At The Mouth

Sooner or later, it had to happen. Mrs. Lion took control of my fate when I misbehave. Until Monday, any offense was punished by spanking me. I suggested this punishment years ago, and Mrs. Lion ran with it. She learned to be very good at making me regret whatever offense I committed. She made it hers. When I suggested various alternatives or punishment “deserts” like corner time and mouth soaping, she tried them and quickly abandoned them in favor of her trusty paddles.

Of course, I accepted this. I wasn’t asked to vote. In fact, when I wrote about other ways to punish me, Mrs. Lion quietly informed you and me that spanking was fine. Thank you very much. She put her paw down quietly but firmly. Her post on Monday marked a sea change. She announced that she decided to use mouth soaping and corner time as punishments for interrupting her or me acting like a know-it-all. She’s talked about these things in the past, but never in a context that suggests she had decided to make regular use of them.

She noted that spanking me takes time and energy. She often doesn’t feel up to doing it. When it comes to the simple rules, she can wait a day or two to spank me. Apparently, she wants to punish me closer to interrupting her, for example. Mouth soaping and corner time take very little of her time and no energy to inflict. She can make me suffer and think about my sin without breaking a sweat.

It can be confusing to me. I’m turned on thinking about Mrs. Lion punishing me. That’s useful because it motivates me to meekly accept my medicine. When I write about punishment, my sexual arousal can color what I write. Sitting here at my desk, it’s exciting to think about a bar of soap in my mouth or my bottom in position to be spanked. Since it motivates me to docilely accept punishment, that’s good. It’s not correct to assume I will like what happens to me. Mrs. Lion’s job is to make punishment painful and uncomfortable for me. If she can do that without much effort on her part, she wins.

It’s unlikely she will abandon the paddle. Spanking is more intimate and interactive. By adding the easier-to-inflict punishments to her repertoire, she is much more likely to punish me for offenses I generally get away with. She has indeed been growling or snarling sometimes when I interrupt her. That is an excellent first step in acknowledging my behavioral slips. Truthfully, growls and snarls don’t have a lot of effect on me. Interrupting what I am doing and making me hold soap in my mouth is an excellent way to focus my attention.

There is a bump in this road to behavioral punishments. Catching and reacting is a habit. It takes focus and close attention to build those habits. We’ve learned that once Mrs. Lion learns to catch and punish, she is absolutely consistent. After she becomes consistent, I learn and change. It’s all a matter of making the right connections.