Oops! I Did It Again

It’s a little hard to believe, but I actually forgot to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment day on Thursday. Considering that I just finished five days of spanking for forgetting Saturday punishment days three out of four weeks, you’d think that reminding her would be top of mind. I absolutely forgot. When I let her know yesterday morning, she remarked that she forgot too. So, she said that she would punish herself by waxing my legs this weekend along with the rest of me. She likes my legs furry, so it is truly a punishment for her.

I’m not getting away with it. I’m getting five more days of spankings along with corner time and mouth soaping. That’s certainly a lot of punishment. I can’t argue with it on any level. Forgetting shows a lack of focus on my part.  I did make a mouth soaping suggestion to Mrs. Lion. She had been using small pieces of soap that were too small to keep in the shower. I suggested they were also too small for mouth soaping and suggested she use the bar of soap in the shower. I know, stupid lion!

That’s the problem with having an erotic component to punishment. That sexual anticipation motivates me to suggest ways to improve my discipline. I know full well that when Mrs. Lion administers the punishment, there will be no sexual component at all. I don’t think sexual anticipation is the only reason I “help” Mrs. Lion become a better disciplinarian. I also do it to let her know that this is a partnership. Even if my help isn’t always welcome, I think it shows that I not only appreciate Mrs. Lion’s efforts, but I support them.

I know that on the fantasy level punishments are imposed with no regard to how they make me feel. They are external, painful forces intended to educate me. In fact they are. When Mrs. Lion informed me I would be getting five days of spanking plus corner time and mouth soaping, there was no room for negotiation. That’s what I’ll be getting. It’s possible to delay one or more of those activities if I’m sick, but I will get all of them in due course.

Some people have commented about how harsh it is to spank me so severely and then humiliated me with corner time and soap in my mouth. These same people wonder why I not only accept this but I help Mrs. Lion make it worse. This isn’t easy to explain. I absolutely dread and fear being punished. I should. As Mrs. Lion might say, obviously I don’t dread and fear it enough to avoid these infractions. She’s right. Obviously, I haven’t prioritized reminding her highly enough.

The entire point of punishing me is to teach me to obey my rules. Repeat offenses indicate that the punishment I received the last time didn’t make a sufficiently strong impression on me to prevent reoffending. In a very real sense, I control the severity of my punishments. I have no idea why I keep forgetting to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment day. It’s a simple, easy-to-remember chore. I don’t believe I’m doing it to provoke punishment. I’m sure I’m not. I just get caught up in other things and forget.

Frankly, I’m surprised myself. Just this past Wednesday I finished a five day series of spankings. I did not like that at all. I got those because I forgot to remind Mrs. Lion of Saturday punishment days. Forgetting Thursday is a repeat offense. I’ve managed to forget four out of the last six punishment days. Considering that I got five days of spankings for my last repeat offense (forgetting last Saturday), Will another five do the trick? Clearly, Mrs. Lion doesn’t think so. So, instead of adding more days of spankings, she’s adding punishment “desserts”.

It must be frustrating to be my disciplining wife. I keep repeating the same offense. At some point I will learn to stop. That’s an absolute certainty. Mrs. Lion can ramp up my punishments until I finally learn to do as I am told. She knows I’m not being defiant. I’m sure things would be much worse if she thought I was. However, that’s almost beside the point. Every time I repeat an offense, she sees it as a signal that she has to dial us my punishment. I am really not going to like the next five days. There are two more punishment days I have to remember within those five days: There is one today, and another on Monday. I better find a way to remember them!