In my post yesterday, I mentioned that Mrs. Lion has only been spanking me for not setting up the coffee pot. She doesn’t punish me for any other infractions, even if I point them out. Wouldn’t you know it, I forgot to set up the coffee pot for Sunday morning. She immediately informed me that I was going to be spanked. This proves my point.

What makes the coffee pot offense unique? I think it is because it is a binary crime. The coffee pot is either ready in the morning or it isn’t. There is no margin of error. The only decisions Mrs. Lion has to make are when to spank me and how severely to paddle me. Other offenses involve some level of judgment. Should I get spanked for a few drops of gravy on the hem of my shirt? Did I really interrupt rudely?  You get the idea.

I don’t understand why this has become problematic after all this time. I know that other disciplinary couples face similar issues. For example, in at least one case I’ve read, the disciplinary wife was warning when she used to punish. At times, she didn’t even warn her husband. Is it disciplinary fatigue? I suppose that’s possible. Or, is it something more serious: a sort of crisis of confidence? I wonder if that isn’t part of the issue here. I’ve suggested that Mrs. Lion could extend her binary approach to less black and white issues. That’s easier said than done. I don’t think the issue is a problem with spanking me. Mrs. Lion has no problem wielding her paddle.

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It might come down to her sense of fairness. She might be overthinking decisions regarding punishing me. For example, it’s easy to find reasons that I didn’t interrupt. Maybe I thought Mrs. Lion was finished expressing her thought. That could be true. If it is, then wouldn’t it be unfair to punish me for that? I imagine she thinks it would be. I disagree. If I step on something she is about to say, isn’t that my fault for not leaving enough time for her to continue? I may not be rude, but I would certainly be overanxious.

My point is that we’ve reached a difficult point. Mrs. Lion seems unable to make decisions like that. She can deal with physical omissions like the coffee pot. I don’t think that any advice I can offer will help her with this. All I can do is point out my observation and repeat that I won’t be wounded if I get some possibly unfair spankings. I understand how difficult her role can be.

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  1. Look on the bright side. If she’s a binary spanker and if she tells you that you are to receive 100 spanks then you should get only four. ?

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