Yellow and Bright Pink

I whomped Lion last night for failing to set up the coffee pot. Again. He says it’s been a while. It seems to me it hasn’t. However, I guess it all depends on what you consider “a while”. It may well have been a month, but that seems like a short time in the overall scheme of things. How long would be acceptable before he re-offends? And what if he re-re-offends? If a month is long enough to be considered a reasonable amount of time, what if he does it again in another month?

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In the past, he has suggested that I punish him harder and longer than the last time if he breaks the same rule again. There was no mention of the length of time for breaking the rule again. I’ve been a little reluctant to increase the punishment for repeat offenses. I don’t know why. However, in the spirit of getting better with domestic discipline, I think I should try to do so. Consider it a new year’s non-resolution.

I didn’t set out to hit him harder than the last time. I’m not even sure I was hitting him harder. Within maybe 50 swats, Lion was trying to get away and even called yellow. At the time I said I don’t think he ever did that before, but I do remember him doing it a few times I got a bit overzealous. I backed off immediately. I was almost done anyway. From the looks of it, he was starting to form bruises. I haven’t heard a report today, but when I came out of the shower last night he said his butt hurt. I said I hoped so.

A while later we snuggled and after he was ready, I sucked him. The past few nights he’s having trouble getting to the edge. He might have gotten close last night, but I’m not convinced he actually made it. [Lion — I didn’t] Since he’s been pushing me to come up with more rules, I thought of one this morning. I don’t think it’s a good one, but here goes. What if I punish him when he doesn’t make it to the edge? I guess it could be for wasting my time. I don’t know. The problem, of course, is that just after an orgasm, he won’t make it to the edge for a few days. Maybe there could be a grace period. Another issue is that I don’t want him to avoid sex if he thinks he won’t make it to the edge and, therefore, be punished. Sometimes he tells me he doesn’t feel very horny but I can try to see what happens. Will that go out the window if he thinks he’ll get swats? Plus, I don’t want to make him feel worse than he already feels when he can’t get there.

So, in conclusion, the rule is pretty stupid. But at least I’m thinking about new rules.

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