When I brought breakfast into the bedroom this morning, I asked Lion if a spanked butt would hurt more when it was waxed. He said it probably would and wondered why I asked. Great question. The answer: he forgot to set up the coffee pot again. He thought he did it. I saw differently. Tie goes to the Lioness.

All of this comes on the heels of Lion’s question yesterday about whether our domestic discipline is still functioning. I didn’t swat him for spilling on his shirt the other day. The only thing I’ve been punishing him for is the coffee pot. I can’t tell you why I’ve been so lax. Maybe I should regularly take one of our punishment days and make it into a I-know-you’ve-done-something day. It wouldn’t be a maintenance spanking per se. It would be for all the times I should have punished him and didn’t. Since I know I miss things, and he might miss them too, this could work. However, it wouldn’t do Lion any good because there isn’t a specific “crime” for him to try to avoid in the future. He can’t swear at the coffee pot, for example. If anything, it helps get us back in the swing of things. Well, it gets me back in the swing of things. I’m not sure Lion was ever out of it.

Yesterday I waxed the front side of the Lion. My lower back has been cramping up on me for about a week, so I had to stop after the last touch ups were done. The wax is melting already and we’ve just watched our team actually win a game. As idiotic as it sounds, with a 6-10 record, if Washington loses tonight the Giants win the NFC East. Of course, they’ll lose the first playoff game because, with a 6-10 record, they obviously suck but being the division champs is still nice.

I’m not really sure if I’ll spank Lion before I wax him. It was just a fun way to point out his transgression. I think he really does need to put a spy cam in the kitchen. It could save his butt.


  1. Washington vs the Eagles. Could go either way, but I like Washington’s chances.

  2. I’m getting very suspicious. It’s almost as if Lion wants a spanking and is deliberately not attending to the coffee pot. Even if if it’s a subconscious thing. I know that Mrs Luthor would not tolerate this kind of behaviour. If the coffee pot set up was a specifically assigned task and forgetting it was a punishable offence, I’d be across her knee in jig time.

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