In-The-Closet Lion

If you’ve been following along,  you know I forgot to set up the coffeepot the other day. Mrs. Lion showed a certain amount of glee when she informed me of my infraction. She also put paddles on the bed in anticipation of my punishment. After we had a little while to digest our dinner, she got my spanking pillow. This is a wedge-shaped, very firm foam pillow. It raises me up six inches from the bed. Truth be told, I could use more elevation, but it helps position me.

I’m sure you will be happy to learn that even though I haven’t been spanked in many weeks, Mrs. Lion didn’t forget how to paddle me. We did have a brief mid-spanking discussion. She had been aiming most of the blows at my upper thighs. This is extremely painful and certainly her right to swat. I suggested she aim higher at the lower half of my bottom. Admittedly, that isn’t a very large target. She agreed and completed the spanking there.

A while after she finished, I noticed that my lower bottom hurt. My thighs were fine. Even lying on the soft bed was uncomfortable to my bottom. Apparently, the historical spanking advice I’ve read over the years is correct. Strong attention to the lower half of the bottom will yield satisfying aftereffects. I think Mrs. Lion noted this.

Male spanking in literature

I’ve been thinking about a related subject. Can a man be a strong, respected partner if he is punished by his wife? I’m not referring to her respecting him as much as whether a third party could see him as the hero in an adventure if his partner spanks him? The classic hero is the firm-but-loving leader of his woman. I wonder if modern women could see a man who has all the same qualities as the chest-thumping hero except he agrees to her discipline.

Are men who surrender some domestic power doomed to being seen as weak and not worthy of admiration? I’m aware that other men who have similar fantasies would be attracted to their adventures, but what about the women? For that matter, is the price of our FLR, some of Mrs. Lion’s respect for me? Does she see her ability to punish me as a sign of my weakness as a man?

I can’t find any contemporary literary example of a man who allows himself to be spanked and is also admired even by those who know his wife punishes him. Maybe it’s impossible for such a duality to exist. It’s too bad if this is true. Perhaps, being sexually submissive is the 21st-century version of being gay in the 1950s.  Submissive in the bedroom means weak in life.

I wonder what vanilla women think of men who allow themselves to be punished. I suspect they imagine the disciplining women as being overbearing and the men weak. I know that Mrs. Lion isn’t overbearing. If anything, she is overindulgent. I don’t consider myself weak.

Things may be slowly changing. The success of Fifty Shades Of Grey has legitimized female sexual submission. That’s quite an achievement in the age of kneejerk feminism. People recognize that D/S is a consensual activity. It’s something people want to do because it brings them pleasure. Sure, there can be other motives. But above all, it’s consensual. I just think it is odd that mainstream literature has no popular submissive male characters. I guess it means I have to stay in the closet a while longer.


  1. Don’t forget the (terrible) movie Exit to Eden. If you leave out all the scenes with Dan and Rosie it is a nice exploration of a man who likes to be spanked. From the mid-nineties!

    1. Author

      I haven’t thought about that movie in years! I liked it as I recall.

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