Roasted Lion Butt

I meant to check the turkey breast yesterday to see if it was defrosting well in the refrigerator. When I checked it this morning, it still seemed a bit frozen so it’s lounging in water in the sink. It’s a good thing Lion likes to eat Thanksgiving dinner later in the day. My preference was always around 1 pm, but we’d be in a bit of trouble if we’d tried to cook a half-frozen turkey breast this morning.

Lion thought I had the paddles on the bed to remind him, or myself, that he had a punishment coming. Actually, when I found the Lucite paddle, I decided to use it. Why would I put it away when I knew I’d need it later? The other paddle didn’t fit in our over-the-door shoe holder turned paddle holder. I found the holder when I was cleaning up. I’d wondered where it was. I’ve had a growing collection of paddles on my dresser and it was getting out of hand. I still have a pile of them that don’t fit. I need a better system.

When I started swatting Lion, I noticed he already had some red marks on his buns. His allergies cause him to itch and that causes him to scratch. I knew I could take away the urge to scratch by roasting his butt. He doesn’t feel the itchiness when his buns are on fire.

Fairly early on in the process, Lion rolled away. I’ve threatened to start over when he does this but I haven’t so far. The problem with rolling away is that if I don’t catch myself in time, he gets a swat in an unintended area. I don’t see this as my fault, of course. He’s the one rolling away. I just don’t want to hurt him in a more sensitive spot. Depending on which way he rolls, my weenie and the boys could be exposed. I know it would hurt a lot to be swatted there even if I managed to lessen the speed. That’s dangerous. Given the fact that it was early in the swats, it wouldn’t have been so bad to start over. Sometimes he rolls over later and that would be a big deal on an already-sore butt. [Lion comments — Mrs. Lion has threatened to start over as long as she has been spanking me. I can’t help but wonder why she doesn’t actually do it. :)]

I got him nice and red and perhaps on the verge of bleeding. I don’t know if he’s bruised but he said he had at least one sore spot. I hope so. I was hitting pretty hard. I guess I thought I had to make the punishment really count now that he’s not breaking the rules so often. I don’t want him to break rules on purpose, but I think he forgets how much I can make it hurt from one punishment to the next. Not to worry. I can remind him.

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  1. Mr. Lion wonders why Mrs. Lion doesn’t start over. I think he knows the answer. It’s just that Mrs. Lion loves him and regrets him.

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