Despite efforts not to stuff myself yesterday, I was too full to move after dinner. Lion was too. While he retired to the bedroom, I did manage to clean up most of the mess and put away the leftovers. The only thing left to soak was the roasting pan. Since we were too full, neither of us attempted snuggling. Sex was out of the question. I know I wouldn’t have been able to suck on him. And I didn’t realize how sore my feet were until I sat down next to Lion.

The only issue I had with dinner was Lion not wanting help. I tried to get everything ready. The roasting pan was out. The potatoes were nearby. The stuffing was out. But as I tried to help Lion, he told me, “I can do it!” I debated continuing on with the chores I’d been working on. I started to and then I knew he’d need help eventually. I know he doesn’t like to ask for help. He likes cooking. It’s frustrating for him not to be able to see well or lift things the way he used to. I’ve always stayed off to the side to help whenever he needed it. I was the runner and the extra hand. I guess, now that he needs it more, he doesn’t like me being quite so near. Maybe I was a little too near yesterday. Even people who fit together as well as we do get in each other’s way from time to time.

Overall, it was a very nice dinner with the best company. The dog was very happy we ate at the table. It requires less movement on her part. When we eat in bed she has to go from one side to the other. At the table, all she needs to do is shift from one lap to the other. And clean up was not as big a deal as in the past. I don’t know why. We made just as much food. And we have more leftovers than usual. I purposely got the biggest turkey breast I could find so we’d have lots left for other meals. Between us trying not to stuff ourselves and the bigger turkey breast, we’ll have more than just a meal or two in the fridge.

I know. There’s nothing about sex here. Nothing about sex happened yesterday. Lion’s still noting a sore spot from his punishment the other night. We just had a nice Thanksgiving alone. The virus didn’t get in. All is right with our little world.

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