Lazy Sunday

We made some progress around the house on Sunday. Mrs. Lion got me a new iPad for Christmas. I know, we are more than a month early. Actually, the iPad isn’t due for a while. However, we now have a surplus iPad. So, we decided to attach it to our big freezer and use it to keep track of what’s inside. We found an app for freezer inventory and emptied the freezer and recorded the contents. We have a lot of food we forgot! Given the economy and the fact I am still on furlough, I have a feeling we will need it all. We both get grumpy when we are hungry.

Nothing new to report on the sex front. If we are both up to it, we will probably have some fun tonight. It’s probably too soon after my last ejaculation to expect another now. That’s fine. I am still pretty tired. One problem with blogging this frequently is that when we aren’t up to anything, it gets difficult to find subjects to cover. Mrs. Lion generally handles reporting the lion news. I get to meander.

I’m very happy that Mrs. Lion will be home from Tuesday through Sunday next week. She is off work on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. That’s four days she doesn’t have to work. I expect that she will want to veg out most of that time. She needs to catch up on sleep. She isn’t sleeping well lately. I’m sleeping better. I wonder if only one of us at a time gets a good night’s rest. Silly thought.

I think our dog isn’t getting all the sleep she wants. Normally, when Mrs. Lion is home, she makes sure that she is lying between us. When Mrs. Lion snuggles with me in bed, the dog makes a point of sitting next to my side of the bed so I can pet her too. All day Sunday, she snoozed in her cave (under our bed). She only came out to help us eat lunch. I guess she needs the day off.

We will both probably have more interesting content for you tomorrow. I think I’ll join the dog (I’ll be on top of the bed) for a snooze.

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