I had trouble falling asleep last night. It usually happens on a Sunday night. I guess my mind skips ahead to Monday, although I don’t remember thinking about work. Maybe it was in the back of my mind that I just need to get through today and I’ll be home till next Monday. I’ll be working two of those days, but I won’t be at work so it doesn’t really count.

Aside from not working, I’m looking forward to having a nice turkey dinner with Lion. We both love turkey dinner. We were supposed to have guests but we canceled that about a month ago. It’s just not safe. Lion and I will be spending the holiday with our favorite people, each other.

I know we sound nauseating when we talk about how much we love being together. Until Lion, I thought “happy” couples were nauseating. Come on. Really? You love each other that much? Blech. I’m sure we drive each other as crazy as other couples. We both have quirks. I think we just realize that leaving the toilet seat up or not putting laundry in the hamper (neither of us does these things) isn’t a big deal. We realize we’re lucky to have found each other and, if you look at the big picture, you can ignore the small things. Maybe that’s why I have such a hard time punishing him for doing things that annoy me. I’ve been trying to growl at him, but I doubt he even registers it as a growl.

I guess as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s easy to whine about not being able to spend time with family and friends because of the virus, but we also need to be thankful for what we do have. If your family is safe and healthy, despite being far away, that’s a huge thing to be thankful for, especially this year.

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