Duelling CPAP Machines

Some months ago my doctor recommended I see a sleep specialist. I pushed it off, as I do most recommendations involving specialists. Since then my doctor retired and yesterday I saw a new doctor. She explained why a sleep specialist would be a good idea. Obviously since I don’t sleep well, it would be a good idea to find out why. However, I’m not sure how much sleep I would get if a sleep study is recommended. I mean, you’re in a strange bed, or even at home, hooked to a machine. How can you sleep with stuff all over you?

I think one of the problems is that Lion gets chatty at bedtime. We haven’t figured out which drug, or which combination of drugs, makes him spacey and chatty. I’m not blaming Lion for keeping me awake. Truthfully, if I was that tired I’d just go to sleep. And I usually do get to sleep. The issue is that I either don’t stay asleep or I don’t get good sleep.

The reason I’m going to the sleep specialist is the same reason I try to pay attention when Lion is spacey and chatty: we try to take care of each other. He wants me to find out why I’m not sleeping and I want him not to fall down the stairs while he’s making a wobbly middle-of-the-night snack run. Maybe we could both benefit from the sleep specialist. If it’s the sleeping pills making Lion spacey and chatty, then maybe the sleep specialist can figure out a way to eliminate the need for the sleeping pills. Maybe we both have sleep apnea. How sexy would it be if we both had CPAP machines? Woohoo! Some fun in that bed at night!

It’s a good thing we normally play at least an hour before bed.


  1. I had a sleep study done in Feb2017.I have case of sleep apenna .I am also on oxygen at bedtime .I feel a lot better during the day .You should go get your sleep study .

  2. If possible do the test at home. Trying to sleep in a strange bed is tough.

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