Sour Stomach And The Toddler-In-Chief

Mrs. Lion’s stomach has been bothering her for the last few days. Of course, she isn’t in the mood for sex or other play. I’m fine with that. Day-to-day reality has to take precedence over fun and games. We’ve been enjoying snuggles and hand-holding in bed while we watch TV. I love that. I’m not too crazy about what I see on the news. The toddler-in-chief is refusing to accept the reality that most of the country is tired of his tantrums. Reports from inside the White House say that he is fuming over his loss.

Meanwhile, he is demanding a frantic effort to invalidate the election so that he can stay in power. He is also appointing loyalists to positions in the defense department. Is he planning to prevent the transfer of power using the army? Unthinkable, but sadly possible with this insane meglomaniac. If he had any chance of a positive legacy, he’s destroying it now.

I’m sick of this kindergarten nonsense. Trump is a true Mel Brooks character, think Hitler in the “Producers”. “Heil me.” Sadly, the world is very unstable and these childish theatrics are distracting from the need for an orderly transition plam.

Mrs. Lion works from home most days. I love it. It gets lonely around here when she is at work. I’m still on furlough. It seems unlikely I will be called back. Full of good cheer, aren’t I? Don’t you love these stream of consciousness posts?


  1. I do enjoy receiving and reading both you and Mrs Lion. You are the first things I read when I start the computer in the morning. I am a non-trumper and your sentiments align with mine. I am just sorry that some many others voted for Trump! To me that is very scary.

    1. Author

      Thank you. We were both very surprised how many people voted for him. Scary.

  2. December 23rd and he still hasn’t conceded!

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