First, I would like to apologize about my post arriving late yesterday. WordPress didn’t release it at its scheduled time and I was busy at my first job interview. Right after I got home we went shopping so the problem wasn’t discovered until Mrs. Lion went to write her (late) post.  I had two interviews yesterday. Both were quite positive. One is for a job at a very big company and if all goes well, the process can take weeks before a final decision is made. The other should be thumbs up or down some time next week. These positive experiences has apparently restored my interest in sex. Last night, Mrs. Lion unlocked me and I immediately responded to her teasing. It felt so good to be aroused again! Mrs. Lion edged me several times, but alas, no relief. Still, it was good to be frustrated again; certainly better than no interest in sex at all.

In her very interesting post yesterday, Snake Charmer revealed a game she has arranged for her husband Snake. She has decided to celebrate masturbation month by requiring him to come twelve times before the end of the holiday weekend. He is to masturbate for her while she watches. When I told Mrs. Lion about Charmer’s post, she said, “You’ll be lucky to come that many times this year.”

She’s exaggerating. I come on average once every 10 or 11 days. So by year end, I should have racked up over 30 ejaculations. I will have also been edged 750 times; the lot of a caged lion. I doubt I could reach twelve ejaculations in three days. It would have been no problem when I was thirty, but now I doubt it, especially by my own hand. Mrs. Lion said that she had been thinking of making me jerk off for her, but she decided not to do that. She remembered that I had said that I hadn’t gotten off by my own hand since we started enforced chastity in January of 2014. I am not sure, but I think she like that masturbation is no longer an option for me. Of course she masturbates me very frequently. That’s how she edges me and how she gets me off when it is time. Occasionally she uses her mouth and very rarely she lets me come inside of her.

I wonder if being jerked off is still masturbation? According to Wikipedia, Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. I’m not sure what it called when someone else masturbates me. Is there a term for that? My brief web search did not reveal a term. So the vernacular, “hand job” has to suffice. By calculation, my sex life is 99%+ hand jobs. By the way, a hand job does not have to end in orgasm. Ask me, I’m an expert.

Snake Charmer’s challenge is yet another sexual game they play.  More traditional D/S frequently involves “games” of one sort or another. The outcome of these games is generally that the bottom loses and pays a penalty, very frequently sexual. Some people play chastity games. The outcome of these games generally results in the caged male having to wait longer for his orgasm. Games and challenges can be big fun for the people playing them. It all comes down to the individuals and how they want to approach their power exchange. In our case, I think adding challenges or games would just further stress Mrs. Lion. She is still very concerned about not disappointing me. I think she views each new thing she tries as another opportunity to fail. That’s too bad. I don’t think there is a single way she can fail. She can frustrate me, make me sore in spots, but disappoint me, no way.

The fact is that every keyholder wants to make her caged male happy. She intellectually knows that he wants her to torture him in various ways; that he is aroused when he feels her control. But still, she is his keyholder because she cares about him and wants to please him, even in this clearly perverse way. Ironically, at least in my case, what would please me the most is to see Mrs. Lion get pleasure out of doing all this stuff to me. I would love to see her have fun. I know that some of the things we do does make her laugh. She likes seeing me wanting badly to come, but knowing she will stop just before I can. She likes when I tell her how horny I am. So, that’s a big step. She still doesn’t get amusement out of spanking me. She may never get to that.

From my perspective, I think that the best opportunity for perverse pleasure is enjoying the bottom’s frustration. Seeing someone you love suffering out of desperation should be a sad thing. But seeing that person suffering because he asked for the frustration is actually funny. You know, the tired old, “Be careful what you wish for” cliche. The amusement in my situation is how seriously uncomfortable and frustrated I am because I asked for this treatment. As a top, I can say that the most fun is when the bottom realizes that he no longer has any control and has only himself to blame. Poor lion.

Poor Snake too. I can imagine that Charmer will laugh at his desperate attempts to get his sore, red cock to squirt just one more time. I’m sure she thought of that when she told him what his weekend held for him. There is a strong sense of irony in a guy rubbing his cock raw and wishing he was back in that cage that doesn’t even let him get hard. Let’s face it. Enforced chastity is a game of ironies and jokes. Guess who is the butt?


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    I’m glad that you like the idea of our game. Snake doesn’t really have anyone to blame but himself literally. He writes a fantasy story to me each Friday and this week’s was based on a dream he had. I basically took his dream/fantasy story and tweaked the rules a little. He had already pretty much laid out the idea except it was only supposed to run one day. What’s the fun in that when there is a long weekend?

    As of Saturday morning he is already at 3 so he is well on his way to getting his points. The man is a machine–and very competitive when there is a good prize at the end. I am enjoying my side and really want him to make the goal. Keep you posted on his progress.

    1. Author

      What does he use the points for? Your game has Mrs. Lion thinking now about having me masturbate or even edge myself. It’s been almost 500 days since I have done that. I can’t say I am looking forward to it. I like that she is the only one who can stimulate me. But then, it isn’t up to me.

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    In the original game which ran for 14 days, he had to achieve a certain point value to be eligible for an orgasm. If he was 10% above then he was eligible for a bonus one also. We are in the processing of changing it up a little and considering posting it on our blog when we do.

    Snake hasn’t masturbated for a long time either unless I specifically tell him to. Masturbating in front of me isn’t something he’s completely comfortable with but I think it’s a good thing. It’s a learning experience. I think she should definitely push some of your buttons that way. It’s a great way to flex some Domme muscles. 🙂

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