Penis Preference?


Since Lion brought up preferences, I’m wondering about circumcised versus uncircumcised. Admittedly, my experience is very limited. I’ve only been with two men (yes, for real) and they are both circumcised. However, when my sons were born, I did not have them circumcised. I didn’t see the need to put them through the pain. I’ve read that uncircumcised men have greater feelings during sex than circumcised men. How can they know that? Women, I assume, can feel a difference. So my question is whether women a) can tell the difference and b) prefer circumcised or uncircumcised men. Talk amongst yourselves. Click here to take Twitter poll.

we were on the wrong page last night

Lion and I apparently were not on the same page last night. I worked from home because I’ve been nauseous for a few days. Who wants to be at work feeling like that? Around dinner time, we were trying to figure out what to have. Lion suggested pizza. That did not sound good to me. Ordinarily, I’m all over pizza. I assume my stomach had taken over my taste buds and vetoed it. The more I thought about food, the more my stomach protested. We finally decided to have our go-to upset tummy meal which is egg noodles and peas.

My stomach was behaving but I wasn’t sure for how long. Sometimes I move the wrong way and it sends out the evacuation order. We were watching TV and holding hands. Around 9, Lion asked if we were going to do anything and then said he shouldn’t have asked. I thought he meant he shouldn’t have asked because of my stomach. He thought he shouldn’t have asked because I’m in charge. He suggested we get an earlier start today. I’m not sure if he forgot about my stomach issue. Maybe he figured it was better because I wasn’t complaining about it.

So far, knock-on-wood, it seems okay today. We’ll have to see how it goes but we may be able to get that earlier start tonight. I still owe him some Icy Hot. (I just threatened him with Icy Hot. We really don’t have to use it.)


  1. I asked my wife, who’s had both. She strongly prefers the cut version.

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