I Can’t Compete With Sad

As promised, I tried to play with Lion at 3 pm yesterday. He said he didn’t feel like it but maybe he would later. We snuggled for a while. I went to do other things, came back, and snuggled some more. We ate dinner. We snuggled again. This time I did a weenie drive by. Lion made some purring noises but that was about it. He said he’s just sad. I don’t know what to do with that. Of course, I’ll keep trying but you can’t wave a magic wand and cure sad.

I’ve already turned on the wax for today. Yesterday I cleaned off the table except for three items. They’re things that need to be moved just for waxing and will likely go right back on the table. What I really need to do is take some things down into our storage area and that will free up some space. I may get to some of it today.

The past few times I’ve waxed Lion, I’ve made good use of the mineral oil I slather on him. I’ve gotten Mr. Weenie pretty excited. I hope I can do that again today. As with me, I’m sure the mechanics of Lion’s sexual ability is fully functional. It’s the brain and/or hormones that are in question. And that is a large part of the problem. Since I don’t want sex, Lion thinks he’s being selfish. I think he’s being silly. Consider this: many men get upset because their wives won’t give them the sex they so richly deserve. The wives may be tired or not in the mood. Lion has a wife who is not in the mood who is willing to give him sex, or sex up to a point. I bet some of those men would be happy if their wives did what I do when they aren’t in the mood. I bet some of them would be happy even if their wives are in the mood. What guy would say no to a blow job?

I am certainly not saying Lion is wrong for feeling sad. You feel what you feel. However, I don’t think he’s selfish at all for wanting sex even if I don’t. When he’s sad that I don’t want sex, it makes me sad that I don’t want sex. I wish there was a switch I could flip that made me want sex just so Lion wouldn’t feel bad anymore. I’ve tried going through the motions but that just seems to piss me off. Again, the mechanics are there. It’s the urges that aren’t. I used to lube him up and ride him so he could have vaginal sex, but then he was concerned because it didn’t do anything for me. I haven’t done it in a while.

Maybe I should just give him vaginal sex more often whether he worries about my happiness or not. Too bad! Here’s what we’re doing tonight. Suck it up, Buttercup. But even though I’m in charge, I just can’t see dictating things like that. I don’t think he’d enjoy it if I just laid there while he did his thing. If he’s not cooperating, it’s impossible for me to do his thing if he just lays there. My weenie would be laying there too. Sure I could play with my weenie, but I need him at attention for the best parts.

I may not be able to compete with sad, but I can still snuggle with Lion, let him know I’m here and hopefully get him to a point that he can enjoy himself again. I know he’s not just worried about sex and being selfish. Being out of work brings its own set of worries. Good thing snuggling doesn’t cost anything.

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  1. I’m certain that Lion’s issues are mental/emotional, not physical. The male libido, especially for thinking men who are past their rutting years, is a surprisingly complex and often fragile thing, all stereotypes aside. In particular, “performance anxiety”, when the cognitive loading of thinking and worrying about ones physical performance, can itself easily get in the way of a good erection, even if all the “hardware” is fine. This of course can lead to a self-perpetuating “graveyard spiral” that can be hard to break.

    One of the reasons that I enjoy chastity play so much, with the resultant frequent cunnilingus I give my wife, is that my tongue never suffers from this anxiety, and I can reliably provide my wife with the orgasms I love to give her. And after a few weeks locked up, I’ve become physically horny enough to override any mental concerns I might have, so those comparatively rare occasions invariably go just fine, too.

    This all said, is there any possibility, given your geographic location, that you’re not sad, but SAD (“seasonal affective disorder”)? It is getting to be that time of the year, and as a recent transplant to Oregon myself, I’m making sure to keep well-supplied with vitamin D supplement. (This may have some immune boosting benefits with regard to COVID-19, too.)

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