I Can Breathe Again

Yesterday, the news media finally called the 2020 US presidential election. Joe Biden is the apparent president-elect. The four-year nightmare of Donald Trump is nearly over. Needless to say, pathological-liar Trump announced his victory. I received a spam email soliciting donations to help Trump fight his defeat. It’s unlikely that after the dust Trump kicks up finally clears that he will change anything.

Most striking to me is that so many people actually voted for him. I would like to think that this nearly-even split of the population is based on an honest difference of opinion about policy. More likely, it shows how many Americans are undereducated and actually believe the constant stream of lies comng out of the White House.

Even Fox News, Trump’s favorite source of distorted news, called the election for Biden. White House sources reported that Trump was ranting about how even Fox turned against him.

I generally avoid writing about politics. After all, this is a sex blog. I need to get this out. My country has been embarrassed across the globe for the last four years. Not-my-president has denied global waming, prescribed injections of Lysol to cure coronavirus, and pulled out of the World Health Organization. He’s done lots more, but my point isn’t to attempt to document the full extent of his insanity, just breathe a deep sigh of relief that in a couple of months he will be unable to pull our country apart.

For the record, if you believe that Trump was a good president, I suggest that your mother get you tested.


  1. President Trump is the best and nothing has been officially called yet, the corrupt biden will lose once the illegal votes are thrown out. Too bad you posted this

    1. Author

      All I can say to you is that a fair election has been completed and a desperately needed change has been made.

  2. If you read the fine print 60% of your donations actually go toward paying off his campaign debt. A con man to the end!

  3. was incredible how many voted for the orange man.
    indeed very glad its over

  4. I am also very relieved that the election is over, and that it went the way it did. I certainly didn’t expect it to be such a nail-biter, based upon the pre-election polling.

    I found an explanation about why the polls were so far off, though: Apparently, nearly 20% of Trump voters don’t admit they voted for him, including to the pollsters. (Shouldn’t their reticence to admit this alone be a strong signal to these people?) When polls were modified to ask “How do you think people in your social circle will vote”, instead of “How will you vote”, the results were much more accurate.

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